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This page A Blurred Line is featured as one of those special RPG Maker games.

A Blurred Line is a game made with RPG Maker 2000 by Lysander86.

This game regarded as one of the greatest RPG Maker and science-fiction games of all time.


      The game starts out in the present time with three people trying to stop a man.  After some events occur, the game goes back a year previously.  You are in control of Talan, the man from the intro who was trying to be stopped.

      Talan is nearly late for work on the day the Director, the most important man in the world, is giving a speech, Talan is called to the office of the Director himself. Talan faints, and after he wakes up he finds himself still in the Director's office. The Director locks the door, and is shot after talking with Talan. Talan is the obvious suspect in the murder, so he flees authorities as a fugitive from justice. Before the Director's death, the Director told Talan to "seek Paradise", a community which by contract law, is immune to Agency influence; The Agency is not allowed to walk onto the Paradise property.


The game is considered one of the greatest free RPGs ever, and has been since it was first released in 2001. The only critisism is its maps. (Graphics were never Lysander86's strongpoint.)

Line's End[]

Line's End is the name for the final installment of the game that has yet to come out, after many years of waiting. This has sparked rumors over whether or not ABL ever will see completion. Rumors have also been circulating that Lys was planning on working on ABL on RMXP.