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This page A Secret Between You and Me contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Content Warnings: Explicit Sex Scenes

A Secret Between You and Me (きみとぼくとかくしごと Kimi to Boku to Kakushigoto) is a adult visual novel game created by Charon and sequel to You, Me and Empty Words.


Living with his parents, Aoi leads a dull life of working hard at events. When he meets Kaori, his boring life changes forever. He finds himself instantly drawn to her and tries to get her attention...But he doesn't realize it yet. Behind her smile lurks a hidden darkness.


After many dates, Kaori decides to confide to Aoi about her past. She used to have a happy chidhood until her parents divorced. The father never visited them again and the mother started seeing other men, making Kaori feel abandoned and that nobody would love her for who she is. After finishing school, she got a boyfriend who seemingly treated her well, but ran away the moment Kaori was pregnant. She later lost the baby in a miscarriage and commited a "very dark secret" she can't talk about (implied to be Shintarou's murder in You, Me and Empty Words). Aoi has a chance to accept her or not.

Bad Ending: Sepia Mimosa[]

If Aoi says "Yeah...", Kaori is dissapointed by his apathetic reaction and leaves. He regrets it immediately and tries to search for her, but he never hears from her again. Aoi tells this to his friends Yuu and Lion and notices the former is smirking, but doesn't have the courage to ask him.

It's revealed Kaori now lives in Yuu's house, where he has sex with her every day. She's aware that he doesn't really love her (earlier in the game it was mentioned Yuu had a deceased girlfriend who resembled Kaori and he sees her as a replacement), but at this point she doesn't care about anything anymore and lets him do whatever he wants with her body. Kaori laments how all boys in her life used her and thinks about Sepia Mimosa again.

True Ending: Master and Slave Relationship[]


If Aoi says "I'm sorry for all that's happened to you", Kaori says she doesn't want his pity. He hugs her and says that no matter what horrible things she might have done in the past, he loves her for who she is. The two then have sex for the first time.

Months later, Kaori has moved from her apartment to be with Aoi. Even though she still has some trust issues and continues to be tormented by her "dark secret", he plans on continuing loving her until she can smile from the bottom of her heart someday. The story ends with a passage of Sepia Mimosa saying that while Kaori and Aoi are not happy, they're not unhappy either and there's a chance for hope in the future.


  • Aoi and his friends Yuu and Lion are fans of the idol group Love Like, which is a parody of the anime Love Live.
  • It's revealed Kaori's natural hair color is black, she just bleaches it.
  • Aoi is one of the few protagonist in Charon's games whose name doesn't end with "tarou". However, this might not be the case, as "Aoi" is just an alias.