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A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky is an RPG maker game created by Housekeeping.


The rope winds from the clouds like the long-dried trail of a giant's tear. It whips in the arid wind, down the birdless sky, and into the open mouth of the ravine that splits the dead land. Down and down it goes, the sky darkening to a pinpoint of light above it. This is the sky that Ivy knows.

Ivy and her sister, Mint, peer further into the ravine. It has been one day since their father stopped moving. A dandelion sprouts from the parched earth like hands clasped together in prayer. It is the only living thing they've seen in this dead world. A growl echoes off the cliff walls. Maybe not the only thing.

Sometimes Ivy dreams of a sky that covers everything. When she awakes, she hates herself for still having the dreams of a child. She's fourteen, now, her sister twelve. The rope stretches up above them, up, up, up, further than young eyes can see


  • Character-centric storyline
  • 50+ hours of gameplay
  • Challenging boss battles
  • Original music
  • Different equipment sets that modify the ways characters play
  • A crafting system featuring over 100 pieces of unique equipment
  • LOTS of side quests
  • Puzzles that spice up dungeon design
  • Recruit an odd assortment of townspeople and pass legislation to develop your own village
  • Raise a pig to compete in the Pig Arena and win prizes
  • New game+ feature that includes multiple bonus endings--a mechanic I blatantly stole from Chrono Trigger