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Akiyo (formerly Skyrealm) is a Sci-Fi/Psychological Sidescroller RPG with Visual Novel elements made by MikuLeRoux.

Summary/Story []

Akiyo is set in a realm known as Reka, which is hosted by Kridlo Lidi. Kridlo Lidi are defenders of humans on Earth. Their defining feature is a pair of white wings resembling angels but a bit smaller. They defend humans lives from ending before their set time, which can only happen from a demons will. They train to fight these demons. They do not remember ever being human, but each Kridlo Lidi was once a human who died by the hands of a demon on Earth. 

The story follows Akiyo, a Kridlo Lidi cursed with demon blood, who remembers the face of a girl from his past life. It is about his struggles with his demon blood, overcoming his isolation and defending not only this girl, but all of Reka, from Damon, the most powerful Demon known to Kridlo Lidi. 

Plot Details[]

As Damon appears again and has motives to claim the life of the girl in Akiyo's past, he rushes to save her but instead of defeating Damon, an almost impossible feat, he brings the girl, Angel, to Reka, and she is introduced to this Post-Apocalyptic world that is also filled with wonder and danger. 

But as Angel and Akiyo become closer, they both realize that the other is not typical in any way.

Game Features[]

  • Two usable characters 
  • Sidescroller view 
  • Visual Novel elements 
  • Animationed scenes and lots of imagery 
  • Custom graphics 

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