An antagonist is the person(s) who is against the protagonist. They usually add conflict to the story, and are generally evil. They are also called villains by many, however there is some distinction between the terms, as "villain" has a connotation associated with immorality and evil. Antagonists on the other hand may be thought of as people opposing the protagonists without the moral implications the word villain has.

People often neglect to give antagonists proper character development just because they're the bad guys. However, many successful games can attribute their positive reviews at least in part to having interesting well developed villains like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

Types of AntagonistsEdit


Not necessarily evil, but opposes the efforts of the protagonist(s) or is competing for the same goal. Usually portrayed from an unsympathetic light even if they aren't out right evil. This is often achieved by making them arrogant or possessing other unflattering personality characteristics. Examples include Strata from The Way and Gary from Pokemon


In RPGs antagonists are usually morally aligned with evil and referred to as villains. They often fit into certain classifications that are discussed below.

Mad ScientistEdit

Geniuses who operate with little regard for ethics in their experiments, often involving human subjects. An example would be Hojo from Final Fantasy VII.

Evil EmperorEdit

Abuses power at the expense of his subjects. Frequently a warmonger.