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At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia is a dark fantasy RPG game created by Kodiak Games. It is a first game of At Last Alone Series.


Distant members of the royal family are calmly living their lives, scattered throughout the Kingdom of Laurentide. Some are scientists, while others are simple merchants and craftsmen. In the middle of the night, six seemingly random members of the family are kidnapped from around the kingdom in a coordinated effort stretching from the southern tribal lands to the northern ice islands. 

After members of the royal family are kidnapped, all evidence points to the Moranthian kingdom. Moranthia, a nearby kingdom to the east, has always had an antagonistic relationship with Laurentide, but economic dependency on one another has kept war at bay. A defector from the Moranthian royal guard provided intelligence as to the whereabouts of the kidnapped royal family members: in Moranthia Castle's prison, held by Prince Crendathien and his wife, Duchess Talutah. 

This act of war exceeds all previous actions taken by Moranthia in scope and in cruelty. But why? What plans do the Prince and the Duchess have for the captives? And were the six people taken not random at all? 

At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia tells the story of Shatter Team Alpha, the top special forces team in the Laurentide ground forces and their mission to rescue the kidnapped royal family members. Led by Calista Strelley and her companion direwolf, Georgie, Shatter Team Alpha also includes Garrard Dwirisa. Strelley and Dwirisa have been partners for years. They are joined by a new archer, Samarah Kessie, who was recently promoted from the ranks of the ground troops. 

Take command of the Shatter Team and infiltrate the castle! But watch out, Moranthian troops, royal bodyguards, and mercenary assassins are on guard and will rush you the instant they see you! 


Capt. Calista "Cal" Strelley[]

A veteran warrior and leader of the primary Shatter Team. 

Lt. Garrard Dwirisa[]

The strike force's second-in-command and longtime  

battle partner of Cal. 

Georgie the Direwolf[]

Cal's battle-hardened direwolf. Obedient and loyal. 

Lt. Samarah Kessie[]

The archer of the strike force and a newer member of the Shatter Team. 

Prince Crendathien []

Prince of the Moranthian kingdom and alleged kidnapper of the royal family.

Dutchess Talutah[]

Wife of Prince Crendathien and dabbler in the dark arts.


This is my first RPGMaker game. Everyone's recommendation for someone starting is, "Start small," and that's what this is. This game started as a demo for a much larger concept but eventually bloomed into a full story, although it is meant to be the first chapter of a series (series is pending; we'll see if people like it before I decide on wasting everyone's time with the series).