An auto-tile is a tile that when placed on a map will automatically correct itself and other nearby auto-tiles to make a coherent transition between nearby related tiles.

In RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003 auto-tiles are included in the tileset image used for a tileset. In RPG Maker XP, auto-tiles are separate images detached from tileset images, and tilesets can have up to seven autotiles. In RPG Maker VX and later programs, auto-tiles are clumped together in a few images in a multi image tileset. Starting with RPG Maker VX, auto-tiles are more heavily integrated in the map editor than in previous programs and are more heavily focused on.

Most auto-tiles are animated, usually with three frames of animation, in contrast with regular tiles that aren't animated. In default overworld tilesets, the water tile is an animated auto-tile, so that the map water can bob and wave.

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