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Avarice is an action roleplaying game created in two weeks for the 2009 Game Chill Competition. The contest's theme of Opposing Forces is represented by the forces of Magic and Technology in the world of Arvera, where the scattered remains of an ancient civilization have left the people with an abundance of both but an understanding of neither. The game's projected playtime is around two to three hours, but it was designed to have a considerable amount of replayability.


Avarice is the story of an arrogant sorcerer, Vandeli, who is searching for something, and he will do whatever it takes to to find it. Drawn into his affairs is a girl named Lexi, a savvy young scavenger who seems to bring trouble with her wherever she goes.


  • The Seraph Shooting System by Anaryu, for unique real-time combat. 
  • A very wide variety of attacks and abilities including melee weapons, firearms, magical spells, and traps. 
  • Enemies that can detect your presence by both sight and by sound. Or, catch an enemy off guard for extra damage! 
  • Supports both mouse and keyboard play. 
  • Two playable characters with unique weapons, abilities, and talents. 
  • Customizable Character Talents : Use your earned experience to improve your characters' ability to attack, use items, activate objects, or overcome obstacles such as locked doors. 
  • Nonlinear Story and Gameplay: Explore the dungeons of the world in whatever order you wish, depending on your actions certain story sequences may be different. 
  • Variable Difficulty Levels to suit any level of challenge. At higher difficulty, some enemies even gain new attack patterns. 
  • Randomly generated treasure and loot. Find a huge variety of weapons, armor, spells, accessories and more!
  • Two possible endings.