Ayesha: Youkai's Rising is a Touhou-Mario sytled supernatural adventure game. This game relased on RPG Maker VX Ace.

Plot Edit

One day, Mario and Leonardo makes a party for Princess Peach's birthday. Yoshi is sleeping. on suddenly, a explosion caused on castle's foreground. Mila checked this explosion, and pentagram appears and causes severe earthquake, and legendary demon king Hawth Bowserth appears. Mila and Sofia attacked at the monster with magical attacks, and causes bombarment at castle. Mario was severely injured by an explosion. and adventure starting this part.

Characters Edit

Leonardo is a Barbarian-class main character in game. Leonardo uses axe.

Sofia is a Archer-class secondary character in game. Sofia uses bows.

Eva is a Bandit-class third character in game. Eva uses guns and spears.

Mila is a Magician-class fourth character in game. Mila uses swords and wands.

Bowser is a Koopa-class fifith character in game. Bowser uses claws.

Sakuya is a Yuyuko-class sixith character in game. Sakuya uses magical spells.

Villains Edit

Major villains Edit

  1. Hawth Bowserth is a main anatonist and final boss in the game. Based on SMITE's Fire Giant. Hawth is a legendary demon king in the Hell.
  2. Yukari Yakumo,
  3. Frandle Brothers (Frandle Scarlet and Remilia Scarlet)
  4. Fafnir,
  5. Demon Leonardo,
  6. Dark Bowser etc.

Minor villains Edit

  1. Goomba
  2. Koopa
  1. Shy Guys etc.

Game's script Edit

This game used scripts and system.

Used scripts: Edit


Moghunter (mostly or extremely used)

Estriole etc.

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