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A battle system is the gameplay mechanics of battles in a game. All RPG Maker programs include a battle system built in. The battle system can be replaced or upgraded in RPG Maker programs with script or plugin functionality, such as RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker MV.

Default battle systems[]

Turn based battle system[]

Nearly all RPG Maker programs come with a basic turn based battle system where players can select what attacks to use for all allies at once, and then when selected the actors and enemies use attacks in an order determined by their agility stat. xD

Active Time Battle[]

ATB is used for RPG Maker 2003, in which both enemies and actors cannot attack immediately, a certain amount of real time must pass before they can attack. The amount of time is relative depending on how high each participant's agility stat is, higher agility results in less time required before each attack. In newer versions of the program, the filling speed slows down as it fills up.

Time Progress Battle System[]

The TPBS first introduced in RPG Maker MZ is similar to the ATB system in RPG Maker 2003. All participants take at least four seconds in between attacks, this wait time is dubbed "TPB Speed" and increases in length if the participant does not have the best agility out of all members in the battle.

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