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This page Berl and the Candy House contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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Berl and the Candy House (ベルとお菓子の家 Beru to Okashi no Ie?) is an adventure game created by Giggle Game. The game is available in Japanese only.

Game Features[]


The player moves a character through two-dimensional fields, interacting with and examining various objects. It also has various minigames which feature evasion and stealth. The game can be saved by accessing the menu.

The game has three difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard. If you complete the game using the hard mode, you'll unlock the Bonus Room.


In Lakritz Village, Hans was visiting a famous doctor for his ill sister Margarete. After going out for 10 days, he returns only to find out his sister is gone and that children have been abducted from the village. He decides to search for his lost sister and finds an abandoned candy house in the forest. What secrets lie at the mysterious candy house?


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A quiet and serious young man who's devoted to protect his twin sister Margarete. For some reason he can only eat sweet things and his body rejects if he tries to eat something else. He seems to care only about Margarete, but slowly warms up to Berl as the story progresses.

It's revealed he's the son of Maria Magdalene, a cannibal killer. She rejected him because he did not share the same cannibalistic tendencies and locked him up in a cage with nothing but human meat to eat in hopes he'll change.


A little girl that Hans encounters in the candy house. She's very shy and softspoken and has a complex about her appearance, due to having red eyes. She always carries a stuffed rabbit named Haschen, whom she considers her only friend. Her full name is "Berliner", like the cake, to which Hans teases her about.

Berl was one of the three children Margarete captured, but she was lucky one to survive, as Margarete found her too small and skinny to eat and she was saved by Hans before anything could happen.


A stuffed rabbit doll that Berl always carries around. He gains sentience shortly after Berl is saved by Hans, possibly as an effect of the magic affecting the candy house. After the candy house is destroyed and Hans seemingly dies in the True Ending, he returns to being a normal toy.

The Bonus Room reveals Hans was the one who reanimated Haschen in hopes he'll be able to protect Berl.


Hans's younger sister, who gets lost at the beginning of the game. According to Hans, she's ill and can only eat meat, and she has an special craving for human meat. For some reason a younger version of her often appears to Hans at the candy house.

It's revealed she's the daughter of Maria Magdalene and she inherited her cannibalistic tendencies. After her attempt to "change" Hans resulted in a failure, Maria decided to eat him instead, but Margarete killed her, out of a twisted desire to protect her brother and be the only one to eat Hans. She's also the mysterious witch that has been abducting children, using her mother's old house as a base.

Maria Magdalene[]

A woman who had died several years ago and the owner of the candy house. There are rumors she was a cannibal witch who abducted children.

It's revealed she's actually the mother of Hans and Margarete, a sociopathic woman with a fascination with death since birth. First she started killing small animals, then her baby neighbor and culminating with her cannibalizing a pair of lost twins named Hansel and Gretel. She then moved to the candy house, a hideout where she could capture and eat the people who came across the house. 

Lezia and Mike[]

Two children that went with Berl to the Candy House, in order to celebrate Lezia's birthday. Lezia is spoiled and manipulative and is stated to have a pretty face. While Mike is stated to be tall for his age and acts as a lackey for Lezia, as he has feelings for her.

The two were killed by Margarete before Hans approached the Candy House. By the time he encounters them, Mike has been reduced to a severed head while Lezia's legs have been cut and she chases Hans before finally bleeding to death.


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Ending 1: Survivor[]


Berl survives and Hans is able to stop Margarete. With his powers, he transports her back to the candy house. It's revealed Hans became a witch after his mother locked him up in a cage with nothing to eat for seven days. However, he never used his powers, preferring to live as a normal person instead. He laments that he always wanted to be together with his mother and sister and live a normal life with then, but because of their cannibalistic tendencies it was never meant to be.

Berl appears and tries to leave the candy house with Hans, but he says he wants to stay with Margarete instead. When Berl refuses, Hans commands Haschen to take her away from the house. With his powers, Hans sets the house on fire, embracing Margarete. He says he wants to stop his sister from killing more people, but can't live without her either. Meanwhile, Berl watches the destruction from afar, unable to do anything. Suddenly, Haschen stops moving and she realizes Hans has died.

A week later, Berl goes to the destroyed candy house and to her surprise she finds Hans alive and well. Even he's surprised why, as he intended to die with his sister, but reunites with Berl nonetheless.

Ending 2: Kiss[]


Berl doesn't survive and Hans is captured by Margarete. She brings him to a table so they could eat together and to his shock, he finds Berl's severed head. Enraged, Hans brutally kills Margarete.

With his sister and Berl dead, Hans loses all remaining sanity and starts eating Berl's head, becoming a cannibal like his mother and sister.

Ending 3: Lovers's Suicide[]


Berl doesn't survive and Hans is captured by Margarete. She brings him to a table so they could eat together and to his shock, he finds Berl's severed head. Margarete is oblivious to Hans's horror and despair and just rants about how tasty children's meat is.

Hans realizes that Margarete became a witch because of him. Isolation, fear and having nothing to eat for a week results in a person becoming a witch....and Hans left Margarete by herself for 10 days. Blaming himself for his sister's descend into insanity and Berl's death, he kills Margarete and them himself.

Ending 4: Escape[]


Hans gives up on his search for Margarete and escapes the house without finding the cellar. Days later, his corpse is found in the forest, firmly clasping his sister's earring.

The mutilated corpses of the three abducted children (including Berl) are found in the candy house, but there's no trace of Margarete.


  • Surprisingly, there are three Hansels and Gretels in the story. The firsts are a couple of twins that were Maria's Magdalene's first victims. The seconds are Hans and Margarete's nicknames as children. The thirds are the ones from the original fairytale, whose story was written inspired of what happened to the twins Maria Magdalene ate.
  • There's a comic by the creator explaining how Margarete became a witch and how she captured Berl, Lezia and Mike. It also shows how Mike died.
  • There's another comic explaining how Lezia died.
  • The game got a remake in 2017, featuring slightly improved graphics and content for the Bonus Room.
  • The Bonus Room is unique because it has alternate stories based on the endings, not just the canon one. Two stories can be unlocked if you completed the game on Hard Mode.
    • Her Little Knight: Continuation of Ending 1, in which Berl decides to stop playing with Haschen because she's too old for dolls.
    • Dream: Continuation of Ending 1, Berl dreams of an alternate timeline in which Margarete never lost her sanity after becoming a witch and they became friends instead.