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Black, White and Grey is an RPG Maker game created by Curse.


This game is a story-heavy RPG Maker Game with puzzle horror elements and unique minigames. I would recommend this game for people who like to see true friendships, betrayal, and conceiled personalities unravel.


"A neverending stream of twists and turns, like a flowing river or the roots of a tree..."

Such is life.[]

Paige, a girl currently attending university in her hometown, discovers that someone has been following her. Strange noises come from around the house at night, and it seems that danger is near.  Everyone's trying to keep their secrets, but circumstances force them to reveal more and more. Who will prevail in the end? It's all up to you.


Paige - The main character

Newton - Paige's ex-boyfriend

Phoebe - Paige's best friend

All of them have their own stakes in the story, but in the end, not everybody can have it their way.


  • Multiple routes
  • 3 main and 3 minor endings
  • A complete playthrough takes about 2 hours.