Charon is an RPG game developer.


Charon tends to make visual novel-styled games revolving around the yandere trope. There is less gameplay as opposed to storytelling in their games. They also tend to have characters with a single color for both the hair and eyes. The male leads in their games seem to end with "-tarou" at the end, something common in Japanese boy's names. They also reuse a save point simply called "Bunny".

Charon seems to rely on anime character bases in the cut scenes and music from other games and anime series. Some of their games also seem to be inspired by other anime and games.

Like other RPG games, Charon's games have multiple endings based off certain choices made by the player. Charon's games only had "True Ends" and 'Bad ends" until Menherafflesia became the first game to have "Happy Ends".


Below is the list of games by Charon.

  • Millefiori (Mix Ore Prequel) - Fan Game

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