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Chase for Divinity is a RPG maker game created by Unity.


The Castle of Baramuirge has appeared in the world once more...
The power of the ancient gods are sealed within...
Seek out this power before the demons can claim it...

A long time ago, back in 2002, I made a game that was never completed or released. Fast forward twelve years later, to the RMN event Revive the Dead. Chase For Divinity had been picked up, worked on, and dropped over and over again, but the time has come for it to finally be completed.

Join Vittoria, a mercenary who joins a cast of oddball characters on this zany-but-deadly adventure as they try to find the secrets of the ancient gods and the elusive castle where the demonic clash will begin.


  • A long, meaty, traditional-esce RPG experience
  • Eight different characters to meet and use in battle
  • Examine just about any object to get the characters commentary on it
  • A look at the earliest game I have ever released, with a lot of the rough spots still on display!
  • A lot of my really old art, only slightly polished from its original condition