A class is a set of abilities that a character can take on. Some role-playing games give playable characters fixed classes that can't be changed and are specific to the character, while others allow class changes, for example in Final Fantasy III and V with its job system.

Most games include basic classes such as a warrior who is generally best at physical weapon based attacks, the magician who specializes in damaging magic spells, and the healer who is able to keep other party members alive in the battle by restoring their HP and canceling detrimental status conditions using spells.

In the database of an RPG Maker game, it is possible to select the default class of each actor in the game. Event commands may also be available to switch a character to a completely different class, though this is not required to be used. These classes may also be named by the developer. Generally, for games where class changing is an option, classes are named to reflect their abilities in combat, such as a thief revolving around stealing items from enemies. Games where classes are fixed may instead have class names based on their title or species, for example a wolf character may have her class named "Alpha Wolf" while the main hero could simply have a class name of "Hero."

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