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Cloé's Requiem (クロエのレクイエム Kuroe no Rekiemu) is an adventure game created by Burikki Clock.

Game Features[]

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The player moves a character through two-dimensional fields, interacting with and examining various objects. The game can be saved by accessing the menu.

The gameplay consists of solving puzzles that Cloé will assign Michel in order to slowly break the curse of the mansion. There's a sanity meter that will get affected if Michel sees something traumatic. If it gets down to 0, it results in a game over and the only way to restore it is by interacting with Cloé. You can also equip items in order to solve puzzles.


In the middle of the night, 12-year-old prodigy violinist Michel runs away from home, bribing a carriage driver to take him as far away as possible. He winds up at a mysterious mansion under a terrible curse, and there meets a strange young girl named Cloé, who begs for his help in lifting it. Unable to leave and not really interested in going back anyway, Michel agrees, but he’s going to have to contend with the skeletons in his closet as well as the ones in Cloé’s if he wants to succeed.


Michel D'Alembert[]

Michel1 0.png

A talented child violinist. After running away from home, he ends up in an abandoned mansion where his classmate Cloé lives. Despite his incredible talent, he's very lazy and resents playing the violin, saying it has brought him nothing but trouble.

As the story progresses, it's revealed his talent resulted in his greedy father exploiting him and his brother Pierre to resent him. While he found some solace in his pet cat, Pierre convinced their father to throw away the cat out of spite. This resulted in Michel snapping and accidentally killing the maid who had to carry the order.

Cloé Ardennes[]

Cloe1 3.png

A childish girl who plays the piano and a resident of the Ardennes Mansion. She has an obvious crush on Michel and wishes to play music with him someday.

As the story progresses, it's revealed she's been abused by her parents. Her father started sexually abusing her while her mother decided to destroy all the things she liked (her clothes, killing the maids) out of spite. One day, she realizes that her father wants to kill her, so she kills him in self-defense. His vengeful spirit curses the house and she splits into two versions of herself.

Pierre D'Alembert[]

Pierre1 1.png

Michel's younger twin brother. He plays the piano, but not nearly as well as Michel plays the violin. As a result, he has grown jealous of the praise his brother gets.

Frustrated with not receiving his father's praise, one day he lashes out at Michel and convinces their father to throw away his pet cat out of spite. This escalates in a chain of unfortunate events, such as Charlotte's death and Michel running away from home.


Charlotte1 1.png

A young maid who served the D'Alembert family. She greatly admires Michel and while she seems sweet and reliable at first, she eventually starts unnerving Michel with her clingyness and commenting on how Pierre should disappear. She's been dead before the events of the game, as Pierre convinced his father to throw away Michel's cat out of spite. Instead of being angry at Pierre, he lashes out at Charlotte (who threw away the cat on his father's orders) which results in her accidental death after a broken chandelier falls on her.

At the end, it's revealed her vengeful spirit has cursed Michel. However, the sequel Cloé no Requiem - Con Amore - implies it's his own guilt for killing her, as the real Charlotte isn't as psychotic as Michel thinks her to be.

Alain Ardennes[]

Cloé's father. He's stated to be a famous musical prodigy whose compositions drove people to insanity. There were rumors that he had a bad temper and he abused his family.

As the game progresses, it's shown that the rumors were true. In order to get inspiration for his music, Alain abused his wife and daughter, especially Cloé. When Cloé started being more independent thanks to Michel encouraging her, he composed the "Cloe's Requiem" and planned to kill her. She killed him in self-defense and his spirit haunts the Ardennes Mansion, resulting in the curse.

Noir and Blanc[]

Cloé's pet cats, who always follow her around. Noir is a black cat and she's nice and friendly while Blanc is a white cat and he's hostile to people.


After clearing the curse of the Ardennes Mansion, Michel finds out that the Cloé he's been talking with is an astral projection of the real Cloé, who was cursed by her abusive deceased father Alain. After dealing with Alain, he has to confront the real Cloé, who is a shadow of her former self and doesn't have much left to live (as she's been starving herself for days).

Bad Ending 1[]

If Michel decides not to attack Cloé with the knife and hugs her instead, she stabs him. Michel accepts his death and says he will never leave her. Cloé briefly wakes up from her curse-induced insanity and realizes what she just did.

Bad Ending 2[]

If Michel decides not to attack Cloé with the knife and pushes her away. As she falls unconscious, Michel believes he has killed her and breaks down, remembering the time he killed Charlotte and lamenting he hurt someone once again. As he says this, Cloé wakes up from her stupor and kills Michel.

Normal Ending[]

If Michel attacks Cloé with the knife, she dies. As he mourns her, he decides that he must be strong in order to resolve his own curse. However, he has accidentally killed Charlotte and maimed his father and maid, meaning there's little chance he'll ever get to have the normal life he always wanted. Even so, Michel decides he won't run anymore. Before leaving the Ardennes Mansion, he plays on the piano one last time.

Ghost Ending[]

If Michel unlocks Cloé's astral projection and doesn't survive his encounter with Alain, he becomes a spirit in the mansion. While Cloé is sad about his death, Michel consoles her and reassures they will be together from now on. Years later, the Ardennes Mansion has gained a reputation as a cursed place, as people can hear music playing even though nobody lives there.

True Ending[]

If Michel has the protective charm, decides not to attack Cloé and hugs her instead, she regains her sanity one last time. After sharing a moment with Michel, she dies in his arms. He mourns her and decides to be strong in order to resolve his own curse. Before leaving he plays the requiem for Cloé that her father composed. Meanwhile at the D'Alembert house, Pierre regrets the way he treated Michel and runs off to find him.


  • It has a sequel, Cloé no Requiem - Con Amore -, which is a side story focused on Noir and Blanc.