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Mature Content Warning

This page Cult of the Glitch King contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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Cult of the Glitch King is a stealth-survival horror RPG maker game created by Junol.


Bill is having a good time at his new job in a small town near the big city, unloading boxes, setting up shop, and chatting with a coworker and a customer, until suddenly he hears a loud explosion, accompanied by a bright, white light, and piercing noises and screams. He hears sirens, buildings collapsing, and feels the earth quaking. Cell towers and internet are long gone, and safety is nowhere to be found. His friends are suddenly vanished, and all he can think about is getting to his girlfriend, Claire, and figuring out what the hell is going on.

Claire is also enjoying her time, camping in a historic getaway site with her friends on an early vacation, waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. She decides to take a nap but is awakened by her friends screaming and the sound of some sort of ungodly creature, growling. She exits her tent and is immediately stalked by a man in a mask, her friends dead and gone. Her only thoughts are of surviving, escaping, and getting back to safety, and the one she loves.

The Glitch King lives.

Solve puzzles, sneak through danger, manage your health & stamina, utilize traps, run for your life, and solve the mystery in this classic Survival Horror-inspired nightmare! Can you make it out alive?

Don't get your hopes up.