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Mature Content Warning

This page Death and Progress contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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Death and Progress is a horror RPG maker game developed and published by ShenTzu Games.


A girl wakes up in a strange facility with no memories of where she is or even who she is. Death traps are everywhere, some need to be deactivated, some can be avoided, and some are simply impossible to pass without dying. 

But death wasn't the end. Every time she died, a strange machine brings her back to life. 

It becomes clear that the only way for her to move forward through these horrible tests is to die over and over again.


  • Find your way out through a series of puzzles and traps
  • Three stages with varying environments
  • Four different endings
  • Unique death traps with different solutions
  • Hidden solutions that opens up new ways to avoid traps
  • Replay the levels for clues to escape a horrible fate