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This page Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn is a psychological survival horror RPG maker game created by Netherware Entertainment. This game is a retro-style adventure game set after an outbreak in a city called Gray Bay.


It seemed to be a normal day at Gray Bay. While law student Lisa was doing her part-time job in a pizzeria, a secret experimental project had made great progress in a research facility on the other side of the city, but later it was not proceeding as the researchers were expecting... After an accident at the research facility, a journalist, Max, was assigned to cover the news. However, everyone, including him, had no idea that the accident had leaked a virus, which was going to turn everyone in the city into an uncontrollable maniac...


  • Experience a new survival-horror story.
  • Completely original pixel art, illustrations, and more.
  • Original soundtracks composed by Patrick de Arteaga.
  • Fight against regular enemies, special enemies, and different bosses.
  • Explore all the scenes and find more hidden elements!

Enhanced Edition[]

Compared to the version that was previously released, Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn Enhanced Edition improves the ARPG experience, fixes bugs reported by the community, and also adds more features, such as the new map system, difficulty levels, multi-language, and overall quality improvement. With the support of Steamworks, we are also able to enhance the user experience with features like achievements, multi-platform support, cloud-storage service, and controller support.