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This page Detective Girl of the Steam City contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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Detective Girl of the Steam City is an adult mystery RPG Maker game developed by Clymenia and published by Kagura Games.


Sophie is a private investigator residing in the Steam City, a metropolis going through an industrial revolution.

In this growing city with a huge population, there are many different kinds of people; industrialists, workers, merchants, and average citizens.

However, within any big city, there are always criminals and conspiracies. The Steam City will need a detective on the case.

It'll be up to Sophie to uncover the mysteries of the Steam City through her investigations.


Sophie Winters[]


The self-proclaimed Detective Girl. With her father away on business, she seizes the opportunity to strike out on her own. Wanting to become as famous as her father and mentor, she’ll take on any case, no matter its contents. Although she’s quick-witted and analytical, her eagerness to prove herself may land her in many a sticky situation.



The Phantom Thief. The nemesis of the London police force, she likes to put on a show and garner publicity with every heist she performs. She uses trickery and charm to achieve her objectives, and has taken an interest in Sophie.



Long-time friend of Sophie's, and an avid engineer. She spends most of her time cooped up in her workshop, tinkering away at machines and gadgets. Though she's happy to help Sophie out, she's not quick to forget a debt unpaid.


Good End: Police Route[]

Eliminate all the gangsters if you want to go to Detective Arthur. Kill Jake, talk to the lady and go to Babbage Laboratory. She's looking to Analytical Engine blueprints inside the factory and the gangsters arrive. They chasing them and ready to stop the gangsters. After the chase, she wants to investigate the laboratory, eliminate all the gangsters and she continues to solve the case as a detective.

Bad End: Trafficking[]

Sophie got sexually assualted or gang-rape by the gangsters and she trapped inside the case as a sex slave. It is unknown where that happens to her or she's no longer to being detective.