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This page Dice Psycho contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Content Warnings: Strong sexual content, explicit violence and gore

Dice Psycho (サイコロサイコ Saikoro Saiko) is a visual novel created by Charon. It is the sequel to Menherafflesia, and all the heroines from that game make appearances in this one. Each episode was released one at a time, Charon allowing people on Twitter to determine the order of each of the six episodes to be released. The first episode was released in 2019, and the complete version which includes all six episodes as well as the "grand route" which contains the True Ending was released in 2020.


The story focuses on a second-year highschooler named Metarou. In the prologue, he is inside a prison cell, where his cellmate, an unknown man, asks him to make a wager with a dice. Whoever rolls the higher number will escape from the cell, while the loser will act as the bait to help the winner escape. The other prisoner rolls a 6. Without any choice but to roll a 6 to force a rematch Metarou rolls the dice...

The number rolled determines which of the six girl's stories will be played out. Each girl is named Saiko (with a different Kanji spelling), which is pronounced the same as "psycho" (saiko), and similar to "dice" (saikoro) in Japanese. As expected, each Saiko is a psychopath although this manifests in a different way in each route.

Each girl is also associated with a flower, although the extent of the association is not as deep as in Menherafflesia; dice, not flowers, being the main motif of this game.

First Roll - Saiko (Muscari)[]

Metarou is enjoying school life with his girlfriend, Nana, when one day Saiko transfers to his school and moves in next door to his apartment. Saiko is elegant, smart, and an even better cook than Nana. And it's clear that she's interested in Metarou...

Second Roll - Saiko (Rosemary)[]

Saiko is a teacher-in-training who got sent to Metarou's school as an teaching intern. She seems to be Metarou's childhood friend from long ago who had a childhood promise to marry him, but not all is as it seems...

Third Roll - Saiko (Clover)[]

At school, Metarou is a pessimistic loner. But he has a secret girlfriend, Saiko, whom he meets every day in a beautiful garden. However as he continues to rebuff the invitations of his childhood friends, Nana and Yukimaru, they start to suspect more is going on...

Fouth Roll - Saiko (Hanabishisou/Golden Poppy)[]

One day, Metarou meets a popular Usatuber (youtuber), Saiko, after school, and decides to help her out with her filming as her assistant. Together, what will they do for the sake of the numbers?

Fifth Roll - Saiko (Shakunage/Rhododendron)[]

Metarou hangs out with Saiko everyday as they water the flowers in front of the school. Saiko is extraordinarily unlucky - everything she does turns out poorly for her, and her luck even affects those around her, as if she was cursed. What is the true nature of her unluckiness?

Sixth Roll - Saiko (Zakuro/Pomegranate)[]

Metarou's girlfriend, Nana, works part-time at a family restaurant wearing cute waitress outfits. She has a junior, Saiko, who is very interested in her. Too interested perhaps, to the point of stalking?


Each girl has one Happy End and several Bad Endings.

Saiko (Muscari) Endings[]

Saiko as seen in the Datafication ending.

Bad End - Datafication[]

After school, you return home and make dinner for yourself. You hear someone activate the intercom, meaning someone's at your door. You open the door to find Saiko standing there. She talks to you for a bit and then hands you a gift. Afterwards you hear your phone ringing, presumably a call from your girlfriend, Nana.

If you answer the call you talk to Nana for a bit and she talks about wanting to hear your voice. She asks if you've taken a bath and then you see the text '[ENTER]' and then [INSTALLING INSTALLING INSTALLING]'

You seem to black out for a moment, waking up with no recollection of your surroundings. You see Saiko above you looking through a large window on the ceiling. She asks you how you're feeling, and looks at you, eyes wide and crazy. She explains that she's stored you inside her smartphone, so that you can never be apart from her. She tells you she's concluded that body and mind are unnecessary, if you only exist as data, you won't suffer. But you can't feel happiness either.

You have nothing left except to accept her love.

Bad End - Love affair[]

If you reject to eating dinner with Saiko the next day, she gets mad. She says that she doesn't care who you think about lovingly, just that she likes you and that should be enough. After that the screen flashes red and you are knocked out.

When you awaken, it's morning at about 11. Saiko is wrapped around you, hugging you, You comment on the fact that Nana's supposed to be over soon, and Saiko tells you she's not coming. She then says you've been betrayed, and shows a picture of Nana, naked and hugging another man. She then tells you not to worry, and that she'll soothe your pain. The sooner you forget about that cheater, the better.

Bad End - True Salvation[]

If you tell Nana that Saiko forced her way into the apartment, a knife appears out of Nana's back. It is revealed that this knife belongs to Saiko. She repeats her earlier sentiment, that once you start to kill someone, death is salvation. To show mercy halfway through would be cruel. Nana falls to the floor, dead, and the screen turns to red.

Bad End - Heretic[]

If you choose Saiko over Nana first, you are pulled over by Saiko. She holds you close as Nana stares at the two of you, eyes empty. Later, you find yourself in a bedroom with Saiko. She talks vaguely about her past and then takes off most of her clothes, revealing her body is covered in scars as well as fresh wounds. She asks you if you still love her, if you would make love to her even with such a hideous body. You have no choice but to say yes.

Suddenly, your vision is taken over by red and you hear a crack sound. If you had looked, Saiko's arm would have been blown off. Behind Saiko was Nana, holding a shotgun. Saiko tells you not to get in her way and she stands in front of the gun, and another shot rings out. Saiko tells threats to Nana as she continues to shoot at her, asking you if you ever loved her, if she was just a plaything to you. At this point Saiko's body is almost completely mutiliated, yet she still continues to crawl over to Nana, trying to protect you. Saiko starts to laugh uncontrollably, and Nana asks her what's so funny. She replies that she'll never lose to Nana, that even if she dies she'll never let her keep Metarou. She dies, collapsing to the ground. Nana remarks that she's a disgusting creature.

Metarou walks towards Nana, climbing on top of her, and begins to hit her, until she is also dead. He felt he had to settle the score.

Saiko (Rosemary) Endings[]

Bad End - Hidden Truth[]

If you tell Saiko that you'll never forget her in your dream of the past, you will wake up in the morning. Saiko will greet you and ask you if you remember that she would teach you about 'non-academic' things. It is then revealed that Saiko is holding a wire that is wrapped around Metarou's neck. She pulls it tighter and tighter, watching Metarou struggle as he is strangled to death.

Bad End - Taking You with Me[]

If you refuse her kiss, Saiko pulls away. While Metarou justifies it as being wrong to have a student-teacher relationship, even if you have known her for years, Saiko concludes that it is because she's not good enough. She smiles and Metarou comments that he smells gas. She says its so lonely to die alone, and the screen goes red.

Bad End - Letting others take care of your dirty laundry[]

If you refuse to help Saiko take care of the bodies, you will look away from the corpses of Yukimaru and Nana while Saiko bashes their heads in. Afterwards, Saiko will approach you and hit you on the head with a shovel. Your vision goes red, but you stay up. She comments that you're stronger than you look. She hits you on the head one more time, justifying your death that you might slip up and you'd both get caught.

Bad End - Criminal Record[]

If you choose to help Saiko take care of the bodies, Metarou will take the rock from her hands and mutilate Yukimaru's face until it doesn't look like him anymore. As Metarou and Saiko leave in the car Metarou notices that Saiko is driving with a completely blank expression on her face. He wonders if Saiko has a darker side to her that he isn't aware of. After asking her about it, she tells him that she's a murderer.

Bad End - Memorial service for the aborted fetus[]

If you choose to stay with the impostor that replaced Saiko, she will hold you in her embrace. Afterwards she talks about it having been a few years later, her having a child with you, and explains that you've been killed and are now a corpse, along with Yukimaru and Nana hidden deep in the mountains, in a place that only she knows of. She then thanks you, that she's finally gotten back what she lost long ago. She says it's okay that she's not like her (referring to the real Saiko), and that she'll be able to finally be a mother to her child.

Happy End - Impostor[]

If you choose to reject the impostor that replaced Saiko, she will explain that it's understandable. She says in the morning she'll turn herself in, but if you could stay for her for one last night it would be nice. You both fall asleep in the bed of the love hotel, and in the morning you wake up and the impostor isn't there. You hear the shower running, and run into the bathroom. There you find her dead body in the bathtub, with "Welcome to the world of AIDS" written in blood on the wall.

After the credits play, you get a peek into the impostor's past. She explains that she met the real Saiko in college, both of them wanting to be teachers, and that her real name is Kasane. Saiko is shown to be someone who wanted to help Kasane out, and tells her stories of the boy she loved, back in her hometown. Kasane began to feel very jealous of Saiko, always stuck in her shadow. The perfect girl, with the perfect life. Kasane would have liked to come first to her, in anything, it didn't matter. After she realized that she wouldn't exceed her, she quit trying to become a teacher, and instead took to the world of night life for income. It felt good to her, at first, because all she had to do was use her body.

Even so, feeling productive with money and praise, she breaks when she once again meets Saiko. Saiko tells her off, that this work was just Kasane satisfying her need for approval. She asks Kasane to 'come back', most likely meaning to a 'real' line of work, like the teaching job she abandoned. Kasane tells Saiko that she's pregnant, meaning it to rub it in her face. She became an adult faster than Saiko. A few weeks later, the baby was lost. She had lost the only thing that she had to hold above Saiko. In her rage, she seeks out Saiko and attempts to kill her, wanting to take her place, to get the baby she lost from the man that Saiko loves. Saiko tells Kasane that she'll never be able to replace her, because she's such a failure in life. Kasane strikes Saiko in the face at that comment, but Saiko continues to taunt her. Strangling Saiko with a cord, she finally stops moving, and Kasane starts to cry. She's made up her mind. She will live as an impostor in Saiko's place.

Saiko (Clover) Endings[]

Bad End - Admiration[]

If you tell Yukimaru and Nana to shut up when they 'wake you up', you go about your day. While you're walking home, you see a boy and a girl playing in the park. The boy's ball rolls out into the street, and he goes to retrieve it, not noticing the incoming car. It's unclear what happens next, but it seems Metarou goes to save the boy and ends up getting hit by the car instead. As his consciousness fades out, he notices Yukimaru and Nana standing there, Nana on the verge of tears, and Yukimaru trying to talk to him. Sirens play in the background and Metarou comments that it's so cold. He asks Yukimaru and Nana if he ever shined as brightly as they did, and then dies.

Saiko (Hanabishisou/Golden Poppy) Endings[]

Bad End - Terrorist[]

If you choose that she handed you a small, round object, you don't recognize what it is at first. The object has grooves, like a turtleshell, but it takes you a moment to really realize what it is. You then realize it's a grenade, with the pin pulled out. You don't have any time to do anything with it before it explodes and you're blasted to a thousand tiny pieces.

Both of these next bad ends happen if you choose to think of Saiko as a woman.

Bad End - Lust[]

If you choose to have Metarou beaten to death, Saiko will respond that she loves how her viewers always keep choosing interesting stuff, and it's why she can't stop streaming. She walks up to you, apologizing that she has to do this. It's what the audience wants. She points out that the view count is over 1 million, and that it's all thanks to Metarou. She then hits you over the head over and over until the screen is completely red. It then cuts away.

Bad End - RedRoom[]

If you chose to have Metarou violated, Saiko will give the same comment, that the viewers choose the most interesting things. She then says that she'll get this show on the road. She leans down in front of Metarou, stripping his clothes, and pulls out some sort of contraption. She explains that it's a cucumber slicer, and can slice through cucumbers super easily, because it's so sharp! She took his "lower part" in her hand and ran it through the slicer. Blood splatters on the screen, and it turns to black.

Happy End - Million Achieved[]

If you choose to watch the video, Metarou will see Saikou's usual youtube greeting. Then, the camera turns to Nana first, gagged and standing next to a machine with many spikes. The camera then turns to Yukimaru, who is strapped to a table. Saiko explains that Yukimaru will have to confess his crimes before the skewer goes completely through him. Yukimaru tells Nana not to listen to anything he's about to say. She nods rapidly, and the skewer starts to pierce Yukimaru somewhere off the camera. He starts to talk about how he forcibly stripped a girl, but the skewer continues to go through him. The pain is so unbearable he starts to not be able to talk. He confesses that he raped her, but the skewer had started to pop out of his mouth at that point. Yukimaru dies.

Next, the camera turns to Nana. Saiko explains that if Nana does not escape the iron maiden in a few minutes, she will be skewered by the many spikes rotating around the machine. The machine closes around Nana. Nana's tears turn to rage as she asks Saiko why she's doing this. Saiko tells her that it's all for the views. That doing something interesting means she'll get more views. Nana starts pleading to the camera, and then back to Saiko, who won't speak at this point. The machine then stops, red liquid seeping through all the cracks in the machine. The light in Nana's eyes die out.

After the credits, you narrate a scene. You watch your two childhood friends kick at a kid. You're not sure of their gender, their hair covers their eyes and it could honestly go either way, but continually refer to them as a boy. The boy getting kicked looks directly at you, and you're sure their opinion of you is that you're just a coward. Nothing good, assuredly. The boy tells the childhood friends that he'll never forgive them, but the friends aren't listening. After, in some kind of void, Saiko explains that she's not sure why the people that hurt her so badly appeared in front of her. But she understood it now. It was fate. She was given a chance to finally take her revenge. She asks Metarou what he thinks about it. He just stood by and watched, surely he remembers it. She asks if he thinks its a sin to just watch, not that she blames him for it. She wants him to take an active role in it, choose how best to execute them.

Saiko and Metarou holding knives to each other's necks.

She talks about the changing world of the internet, how it really only exist to fill the void of someone's ego, that everyone is both the center of attention and just a side character there. And how it destroyed her trust in anyone. She couldn't have friends, family, lovers. They'd all betray her to get just a bit of attention. So she thought it'd be best to avoid everyone. But with that comes loneliness. She supposes that fame is a lonely road and that the two go hand in hand, but it doesn't stop it from hurting. And then, one day, she met Metarou. Someone who helped her make the best entertainment. Someone who would walk with her to the end. Someone who would break her. Her beloved. The screen then changes to show both Metarou and Saiko holding knives to each others necks. They had closed the curtains... with the greatest finale. The screen goes to yellow.

Saiko (Shakunage/Rhododendron) Endings[]

Bad End - Substitute[]

If you choose to push Saiko out of the way of the car, you instead get hit. She will plead with you, saying you should have just let her get hit. You try to tell her you wouldn't let that happen, but by then your lungs had already given out, so all that comes out is some air. Then you die.

Bad End - Absurdity[]

If you choose to not sympathize with Saiko, you will start to doubt that you're helping her just because you're good. A steel girder from the roof of the school will come loose and crush you, killing you instantly.

It's just superstition, right?

Bad End - Curse Tag[]

If you tell Saiko to 'please, be well', she will hang her head, her expression completely unreadable. She will mumble something, and then ask why you would say that to her. The other day you wanted to help her, right? She'll then touch your shoulder, and tell you she's passed the curse onto you. She makes fun of Metarou for being cautious, repeating his own words, that it's just superstition. Even so, from that day on, your misfortune adds up tenfold. You lose your parents, your job, and now people are out to kill you.

One day you reunite with Saiko, and she explains how happy she's been since she gave the curse on to you. She asks Metarou if he took it from her, or if he's just been that unlucky since the beginning. You reach out to Saiko, and she tells you not to touch her. After all, misery is contagious. You didn't reach out to her when she was in trouble, did you? You just told her to 'be well'. Well she is now, so you should be happy that your wish came true! Then she left, and Metarou is killed by whomever was after him.

Happy End - True Happiness[]

If you choose 'Even so, I...', you will unlock this ending. You still want to save Saiko, so you take her in your arms. She cries, telling Metarou to leave her, or you might get her misfortune, that you might even die. You tell her you're not leaving her until she's happy. You'll stay by her side even if you're both burning in hell.

Since that day, Metarou and Saiko had escaped from the debt collectors, and while they weren't rich, they were able to live a relatively peaceful life. Metarou proposes to Saiko at a garden, a bit farther from their house than usual. She burst into tears, smiling through them. She says to Metarou that she was once told that she could never be happy. She says it was funny, but not completely wrong. She's chosen to be miserable all her life. She says that she didn't want to bother anyone, so she just wanted to die.

Afterwards, they stand on a platform, waiting for the train home to come. Saiko remarks that it might just be that trains are usually late in the country. They talk about casual things, like what to eat when they get home, and then Saiko asks Metarou something completely out of the blue. She asks if she wanted to die, would Metarou die with her? A choice appears on screen, but there's not enough time to click it. She laughs and says you don't need to answer. Saiko wouldn't think dumb things like that, since Metarou is here with her! And it makes her so, so happy. She then turns towards the train tracks and walks onto them, the incoming train hitting her at full speed.

True Happiness

There is a flashback of Saiko in the hospital. Her parents are arguing over Saiko's healthcare, her dad saying that they can't afford her, that they should just get rid of her. Her mom yells back that it's crazy talk, that she's their daughter. The dad refutes that they still couldn't afford her, and the mom argues that he should quit gambling and maybe they might. They continue arguing like this, Saiko still sitting in the hospital bed. She gets pitiful looks from the nurses, feeling sorry for having parents such as hers. It's then revealed that Saiko loves this, that being looked at with pity feels good to her. She wants people to feel sorry for her. She knows it's strange, but she's just like that. She has to try so hard to not laugh, though. It is also revealed that one evening, while her parents were asleep, she dropped a match on the carpet and left her apartment, starting the fire that killed her parents.

Saiko (Zakuro/Pomegranate) Endings[]

Bad End - Proof of Love[]

If you choose that your premonition is probably nothing, Nana will bounce over to Saiko cheerfully. You watch as Saiko pulls something out of her bag, moving to put yourself in between Nana and the girl quickly. It is revealed that she stuck a pair of scissors into your stomach, originally aiming for Nana. She mutters to herself regretfully, she wanted to kill Nana, as she opens and closes the scissors inside of you, cutting your organs up. Nana screams, not wanting you to die, but it happens anyways.

Saiko becomes Nana.

Bad End - Mental Institution[]

If Nana chooses to walk home with Saiko, they stay together. The next day Metarou arrives at school, worried about Nana because she hasn't been responding to his texts, even though she normally responds instantly. Saiko, dressed with Nana's hairclip, arrives and repeats the same words that Nana asked you at the beginning of the game, scolding you for staying up all night playing games on your phone. You take her by the throat, choking her and asking what she did with Nana, but she feigns innocence. Yukimaru pulls you off her, and asks you what the hell you think you're doing, because that is definitely Nana.

The screen then turns black, and Saiko asks you if you're sure that she's not Nana, if the things you claim to have seen are truely real. You could just be a man in a prison, or a person locked in a mental hospital, delusional all along. As she tells you these things, the screen changes to that of a hospital room. You start to lose belief in your previous experiences and accept Saiko's words as the truth. She tells you to get some rest, you oblige and lay down and draw your last breath.

Bad End - Netorare[]

If you tell Saiko she's not waiting for anyone, she'll lean in. Ask you if you understand, that Nana and Saiko have been in on this together. That currently Nana is sleeping with another man and that you, Metarou, have been dumped. Saiko tells you that she's been asking for advice on how to leave you peacefully, because she wanted to go out with Yukimaru instead. So she decided to be the bad guy, and tear you two apart. To prove her claims, she takes out her flip phone and shows Metarou the screen, which has a video call on it. On the screen were Yukimaru and Nana, who was talking in the "most excited and sexy voice I had heard her utter". Saiko asks Metarou if he'd ever seen Nana quite as happy. Metarou falls to his knees. He couldn't think of anything. Saiko then starts talking about the fact that she could definitely satisy Nana better than either Yukimaru or Metarou. She then asks you how it feels to be humiliated by a lesbian. Metarou can't respond through his tears, Saiko's venomous words echoing in his mind.

Bad End - Fusion[]

In Nana's dream, if you choose to let Saiko become one with Nana, she will hover over Nana and wrap her hands around her neck. Nana chokes out, asks her why she's doing this. Saiko doesn't understand. Nana and Saiko were always one. Saiko is Nana. Saiko turns into goo, melting into Nana's body. Nana then accepts that she and Saiko have always been one.

Saikou stabs Nana with her scissors.

Bad End - Hope[]

If you try to reason with Saiko, she'll nod, and then disappear. The next day, Nana walks to school, and Saiko calls up from behind her, the gloomy girl from the other day completely gone. She asks Nana for her forgiveness, and Nana says that it's all in the past. She even invites Saiko to a small party with her, Yukimaru, and Metarou. Saiko looks so happy, to finally be friends with Nana. All of a sudden, Saiko stabs Nana with a pair of scissors. She tells Nana not to worry, that she'll live for her from now on. So she should just rest easy and go back to sleep.

Happy End - Alternative[]

Saiko, dying.

If you choose to protect Nana, Saiko will look dejected. She'll tell Nana she doesn't deserve someone as crude as Metarou. The screen will flash red, and Metarou notices a large pair of scissors sticking out of Saiko's stomach. She doesn't seem too worried about it. Nana starts to laugh maniacally, exclaiming that she's finally killed her, and that's all she wanted. Then, the screen will flash red again, this time Nana pulls the scissors out from Metarou's stomach. She mutters to herself, that everyone's trying to trick her, so she'll kill them all. The camera cuts back to Saiko, who is bleeding out on the ground. She looks happy, saying that she's glad she finally drove Nana to kill her, that she wanted to be killed by someone she loved. Saiko then closes her eyes. Saiko refers to her sister, saying she'd like to meet her on the other side.

After the credits, you get to see Saika, who left her parents' home and now works as a beautician. She works on famous celebrities sometimes, but the only people that know who she is are her mother and her sister, Saiko. One day, she goes back to her hometown to meet with some of her old friends. When her friend asks her to pay the bill, that she has to have money to spare, Saika freezes. She's never told anyone about that. The friend explains that her mom told the friend that Saika's a famous hairstylist, and she should just pay up. Saika starts to feel nauseous. Even if they were right, why should Saika have to do it?

After she gets home, Saika's mother asks her what she's up to these days, that people are always asking. The way she says it seems to deflect the blame that her friend was told about her professional life. Saika tells her mother how much it bothers her, and the mother says she'll try, but in a very dismissive way. Saika thinks about the fact that she shouldn't have to tell her mother exactly what to say. She's lived twice as long as Saika and yet she doesn't even know what's okay and what's not? Saika is told a story by her mother, and she voices her opinion on it. Tells her mother off. Her mom walks away, into the kitchen, and comes back with a knife. She pins Saika to the floor, and stabs her in the neck as many times as she could. As Saika's vision cut off, she wonders what Saiko thinks of her, if she forgives her for not doing too many big sisterly things.

After that day, for a long time, Saiko became a shell of her former self. She was stuck in the day that Saika died, and she could not move. She looked up to Saika, saw that she didn't let her dream just stay a dream. She was going to make it happen, even if their mother didn't approve. She loved her sister very much, and was sad when Saika had disappeared from her life. A few months have passed since Saika died. They didn't inform Saiko of much, just that it was an accident. Saiko wonders if the accident happened while she was coming back to their hometown. Nana asks Saiko what's wrong, and tells her she can talk to Nana about it, if she'd like to. Saiko felt that Nana resembled her sister, so she devoted herself to Nana from that day on.


The player gets the piece of a password after completing each ending. After typing the word "tsumatorisou" (the Japanese name of the arctic starflower), the True Ending is unlocked.

True End[]

The ending starts in the garden, the narrator noting that they can hear the sound of the wind. They look up at the stars, noting that they haven't seen them in years. Someone asks them if they've finally broken out of that place, the voice belonging to a girl they knew well. She tells them that they don't need to worry about him anymore, that they're free. They can go wherever they want. She asks you the future is marked on the dice you roll, so which form will you take?

The girl is then revealed to be Misato, the girl from the flower bed of MenheRafflesia. She asks you about the world, how it felt to you. The narrator doesn't know how to answer. They had seen many worlds, all of them beautiful and dangerous. The flower of disappointment, that clung to them until they became nothing. The flower of rememberance, having to affirm the impostor, welcomed to a world in which they could not escape. The flower of promise, where they closed their eyes, and trapped themself in a world of delusion. The flower of hope, which helped both them and the person they teamed up with create lasting success. The flower of danger, running away from misfortune, only for them to end up in a disaster. The flower of shyness, an inexplicable madness taking over someone they cared for.

Reflecting on these, they conclude that there's no such thing as a happy ending here, that those endings are the flowers' happy endings, not the narrator's. Their definition of happiness cannot be applied to anyone else. Misato explains that this world is bizzare, and the ending that you are looking for will not simply be handed to you. Misato pauses, and the narrator reflects. They have taken away so many futures, who's to say they have any right to happiness at all? Misato tells you it's not luck that decides your fate, and that your ending, your future was shaped by your actions. You wanted to win at the expense of yourself or someone else, isn't that right? That has to have been why you rolled the dice so many times. She asks you to roll the dice, and decide your future for yourself.

If End - Beloved Muscari[]

The narrator wants to know what happened to that girl, the Muscari Saiko. Misato nods. Muscari was a scarred girl, immersed in loneliness. Desperate for love. She wonders what kind of potential that girl has, and then instructs you to close your eyes.

The cutscene starts with the monologue that the game normally starts with. Then, someone calls out "Good Morning!" as you walk to school. The girl runs up in front of you, revealed to be Saiko. She has a relaxed expression on her face. She says she's glad to see Metarou, and Metarou returns the sentiment. Metarou reflects on his and Saiko's relationship. After Saiko had transferred to Metarou's school, they became close and Saiko eventually asked him out. He didn't have any reason to reject her, and he had a feeling he had met her before, that he'd loved her before, so it made his yes a really easy one to say. Saiko tells Metarou that she packed his favorite food for lunch, so it would be nice if he ate it for her. Metarou laments that she really is perfect, being a good cook and good at housework. They walk to and from school everyday. He wonders if it's okay for someone so good to be with him.

Saiko scolds Metarou for comparing himself to her, telling him not to do it. Saiko knows everything about Metarou, so even by the look on his face she can tell exactly what he's thinking. Saiko tells Metarou that he's fine just as he is, because without him Saiko is completely useless. She won't ever let him go, so he should stop thinking that she could. Suddenly, Saiko grabs Metarou's arm, urging him to go with her. Metarou feels happy that this has become his daily routine, and he follows her.

In the classroom, Yukimaru greets both of them, slightly making fun of them for being so lovey-dovey all the time. He teases Saiko for choosing Metarou over him, and Saiko looks angry. She tells him she'd rather not go through giving such a harsh lesson in front of Metarou. Saiko then glares at Yukimaru until he leaves. Saiko asks Metarou if he's okay, and Metarou shrugs it off. It's fine. He tells Saiko that she doesn't need to keep everything to herself, that he'd care for her like this too if she'd let him. She blushes, and tells him she'll keep it in mind.

After school, Saiko and Metarou walk home together. He explains that they live right next to each other, in the same apartment building. Saiko asks Metarou about his day, and Metarou replies that it's been the same as normal. Saiko starts to talk to herself, saying things that don't quite make sense. She excuses herself when asked about it, instead changing the subject. She tells Metarou that she'll make dinner for him again. Metarou thinks a bit about her cooking, and then tells her he loves her.

Metarou hugs Saiko.

Saiko's face flushes instantly, going redder than ever before. She tells him he can't just say things like that, and he objects, telling her that it's true. He grabs her waist and pulls her close, embracing her. Just like Saiko wants to be with Metarou forever, He wants to hold her forever as well. The narration then switches to Saiko, who feels love for Metarou just as he does for her. She feels that this is the only thing she wants, more than anything else in the world. She thinks it might be a dream, but it doesn't matter because only the scene in front of her matters right now. Saiko and Metarou. She feels that now her true love has been fulfilled, she's finally a normal human being. Just a girl in love. If someone was watching them, how would they feel, to see the normal her? Would they be sad, or sympathetic? Not that it matters too much. She's sure that 'someone' doesn't exist, and even if they did, she wouldn't know. She reaffirms her happiness, feeling because her 'everything' is looking at her right now, she doesn't need much else. She tells Metarou she loves him back, more than anything or anyone else in the world. The scarred muscari has now become loved.

If-End - Rewarded Rosemary[]

The narrator wanted to know what happened to the Rosemary Saiko. She was jealous and full of longing who in despair wished to bring ruin to others. What kind of potential lied within her? Misato instructs you to close your eyes.

The scene starts in a classroom. Metarou is sitting by himself, reading a book. As he talks about it more it becomes clear that it's a reference to another Charon game, Cradle of Ruin. Yukimaru comes up and tries to strike up a conversation about your novel, but sort of dismisses Metarou's enthusiasm. He instead tells Metarou that he's got news, but the bell rings. Yukimaru gives up, leaving Metarou in suspense. Homeroom begins, but an unfamiliar woman is standing next to the teacher. It's then revealed that this is the actual Saiko, and not Kasane. She's wearing glasses and her hair is styled in a braid over her shoulder. Metarou revels in her beauty, talking about how even the girls thought she was beautiful. Metarou meets Saiko's eyes and she laughs a bit, before returning her attention to everyone else. Metarou questions it a bit, and remembers something. Hearing the name Saiko before. He used to play with an older girl, who eventually moved away. But as she did she promised him she'd come back as a teacher and help him study. That person should be Saiko.

The scene skips a bit forward, and Saiko is smiling at Metarou. She's happy he remembered her, after all these years. Metarou explains that it's lunchtime, and that Saiko had summoned him to the staff room to talk. She flirts with him for a bit, saying he hasn't changed. Metarou objects to this slightly, because he's definitely grown up since then. Metarou finds her flirting to be a bit overwhelming, so he changes the topic to the fact that Saiko's dream came true. She says that it hasn't, she's barely gotten started. She's still an intern, and she still needs to teach Metarou how to study. The bell rings, and Saiko tells him to work hard for her.

After Metarou leaves the staff room, someone calls out to Saiko. Kasane. Saiko, who she considered her best friend, her rival. Kasane asks Saiko if Metarou really is the person she's always talking about, and Saiko replies that it is. She asks Kasane if she thinks he's sweet, and she replies that he's not really her type. Saiko says it's a shame, but really she's happy that Kasane isn't her rival in this. Kasane thinks that just because he's not her type doesn't mean she can't try. Just once, to see how Saiko would react. Not that she's serious about it in any way. Kasane explains that her and Saiko were both visiting the school as interns, because they both share the same dream of becoming a teacher. Kasane explains that she tried to get out of becoming a teacher, that she'd wanted to just disappear somewhere else, because she felt so inferior to Saiko. But one day she decided it wasn't what she wanted. It's true that she's inferior, but does that make it a reason for her to leave? Even if Saiko looks down on her, being so perfect when she's not, it's okay. She didn't want to lose herself, so she stayed, still. As Kasane packs up to leave, Saiko calls her name. She says that she's happy to have made it so far with her, so she should keep it up. Kasane replies with a half-hearted 'you too'.

Kasane feels worth something.

Kasane walks down the hall to her classroom. Someone calls out, trying to get her attention. She turns to see Metarou, holding her pen case. He tells her she dropped it, and she takes it, thanking him. She asks him why he's not in class, and he tells her he has errands to run for the teacher. She tells him he'd better get going, yet Metarou stays there. She asks him why, and he asks if she's also an intern at the school. She tells him yes, but she's in charge of a different class. He tells her that seeing people working hard, like how she is, is amazing. Kasane seems taken off guard by that, but Metarou continues. He talks about Saiko, that she's also a teacher's assistant working at the school, and that she's worked so hard to be where she is today. He doesn't really have any dreams, and he doesn't really know how to work hard, he presumes she's been through setbacks he can't imagine. But from his point of view, she's really impressive, admirable even. Kasane doesn't respond as he walks away, but feels so taken aback by his words. She starts to cry. The fact that anyone thought about her like that at all, even in a superficial way, is fact. And it fills her with so much emotion. She's always been below average, nothing. But those words, maybe she's finally become... something? She tells Saiko that she's wanted her to disappear for years. But if it weren't for her, she wouldn't have been able to find this, to find those words at the end of the road. So she's still grateful to Saiko. She thanks Saiko, and the screen fades to yellow.

If-End - An Ordinary Clover[]

The Narrator wants to know what happened to the Clover Saiko, blinded by love, giving herself up for the only person who could see her. Again, Misato instructs you to close your eyes.

The scene starts with the same monologue the game starts with everytime. He then denies, saying that it's not a boring life. A girl comes up and taps Metarou on the shoulder. Metarou turns around, and there Saiko stands in front of him, wearing the regular school uniform. He explains that she's his girlfriend, and that he had saved her life when they were very young, not wanting to lose her. Metarou promises he'll never leave Saiko, so she should stay and live with him. Since then, Saiko and Metarou have lived normally, growing up and going to high school together. Saiko grabs his arm, and Metarou says that her warmth is unmistakably that of a living person, nodding to the fact that she had been dead in her route, previously.

As Metarou and Saiko walk to school, Yukimaru comes up behind them. Yukimaru makes fun of them for being romantic so early in the morning, and tells them to go die in a fire, another nod to Saiko's being dead in her route. Yukimaru and Metarou very clearly have a love-hate relationship with each other now. Saiko teases Yukimaru back, making him regret his decision when Metarou finishes her sentence. It's clear that Metarou and Saiko have been together for a long time and will continue to stay together for a long time. Yukimaru points out that it's almost time for class, and he rushes ahead of them, while Metarou and Saiko walk together.

After school, Metarou and Saiko head to the ruins, the special place that only the two of them know of. Metarou refers to the place as their paradise, and that going there everyday reaffirms their promise to never leave each other. Saiko tells Metarou that she's really happy to be Metarou's one and only, and she's truly happy to be alive and with him. Saiko feels that it's irrational, but Metarou feels the same way. To both be alive and together, without change. This is what they want. Metarou again references Saiko's own route, saying that if there was a future in which she didn't survive and he became obsessed with delusions, it would have ended in madness. But that didn't happen to him, Saiko is alive and with him and it's wonderful.

Saiko makes a promise.

Saiko reassures Metarou, saying that she's decided she's going to live by Metarou's side forever. She'll never try to close his eyes again. So it will be their new promise to each other. She tells Metarou to swear on a clover she picks up, that the two of them will live and be together forever. They both promise, to look only at each other and to be by the other's side forever. She tells Metarou she loves him, and the screen fades to yellow.

If-End - Inseperable Hanabishi[]

The roll of the dice is four. Hanabishisou Saiko was introduced as a solitary girl, only seeking success. What posibilities lie within her? Misato instructs you to close your eyes.

The scene starts with Saiko announcing her normal Usatube intro. She says her experiment for the day is to see if people would notice if she went shopping in the city. After her intro is done, she tells Metarou to turn off the camera. Metarou explains that she's gotten really popular lately, and that just a few days earlier her subscriber count surpassed one million. He also says that he's a member of the Hanabishi channel, specifically Saiko's assistant. At first it was a bit of trouble, but he's definitely a proper assistant now. He's kept the fact that he's an Usatuber away from Yukimaru, his best friend, because he rarely goes in front of the camera. He feels more suited to the behind the scenes style work though. Saiko asks Metarou what's so funny, and he shrugs it off. She says its okay because he's still going to help her today.

The scene changes to later, at the playground. Saiko is gushing about the video, and the apparent unexpectedness of people recognizing her. Metarou reasons with her, that she already has a million fans, but she thinks this is different. To be face to face with someone who really looks up to you is something else entirely to her. Metarou asks her if she would want to do another part to the video, if it's received well. Saiko replies that she'd do it even if ratings aren't good. She'd like to see what happens if they do the same thing in another part of the country, because its also worth investigating. Saiko grins, and Metarou recalls how they met. It's the same as in her route, her doing an experiment to see if she could fly using a huge amount of balloons. He still thinks it's silly, but the unpredictability of Saiko is something he'd never get tired of.

Saiko asks Metarou if she can ask him something, unusually serious. She tells him that hypothetically, there's a person she just can't forgive. A person that messed up her life so badly that she truely hates them and wants revenge. What would Metarou do in that situation? Metarou seems stunned, but Saiko pressures him further into answering. Metarou repeats the question, and then tries to form an answer, but he's silent for long enough that Saiko gives up. They stand there together for a minute or so before Saiko speaks again. She apologizes for asking such a weird question, and tells him to forget it. Metarou then decides that he has an answer. Revenge is not something you do for someone else, but something you do for yourself. So if he had someone he had a grudge on he wouldn't forgive them, and maybe even kill them, though selfishly. Saiko says that her and Metarou are really similar, then. She says Metarou might think he's a bystander, but really he's just like her. So he deserves to be her partner.

Saiko and Metarou capture everything.

Saiko then asks if she was ever to take revenge, would Metarou hold the camera for her. He replies that he would, he's a member of the Hanabishi channel after all. Saiko feels glad at that. She calls Metarou the best, and tells him she loves him. She also states that she'll be counting on Metarou from now on to capture everything, however unimportant. To make the best entertainment possible. The screen fades to yellow.

If-End - Returned Rhododendron[]

The narrator wants to know what happened to Saiko Rhododendron, an unlucky girl who took pleasure in her constant tragedies. What sort of fate would befall her? Misato instructs you to close your eyes.

The narration starts how her happy route did, with Metarou and Saiko running away, and living a peaceful life. Currently they were visiting a garden where Saiko's favorite pink flowers bloomed. Metarou takes out a small case, making up his mind. He was going to propose to Saiko today. He shows her the ring and she bursts into tears once again, beaming. Saiko repeats her same sentiment of choosing a life of misery, instead of being happy. She says that she just wanted to die, but really people who just want to die just want help. She wanted to find someone before she died, because once it's over she couldn't do that.

Saiko and Metarou stand on the train platform together. The train is late, again. Everything stays the same as Saiko's happy ending, and Saiko remarks that she's so happy. You are given one choice, to grab Saiko's hand. Saiko asks why, Metarou states he knew what she would do, and he knew Saiko was in love with her own misfortune. Again, Saiko asks why, why help someone like her? If you already knew she was a liar who loved pity, why would you save her? Metarou replies simply that he just wants her to become happy, and he'd even face death if it meant her happiness. Saiko frowns. It's not what she wants. She loves her pitiful self, her unhappiness, the words of pity, the voices of concern. If she died in front of Metarou, her happiness would be complete. Metarou tells her to shut up. He flicks her on the forehead and then pats her head. He doesn't understand why she likes her pitiful self, but he thinks what she's chasing, unhappiness, is really just the flip side of happiness she truely wants.

Metarou embraces Saiko.

Metarou embraces Saiko tightly. Saiko starts to cry, and Metarou repeats his promise. He's going to help her, to save her, to make her happy. Even if he has to risk his life. If she will walk through her life choosing misfortune, Metarou will pull her back. He's going to show her a different kind of happiness, the kind she's never known. He'll make her happy, and he's definitely not going to let her die. Saiko notices that she's crying. She knows how to fake cry, but this is the kind she can't stop. Metarou promises to himself that he'll protect her forever, whatever the circumstance. He talks about them watering the flowers every morning, the smile on Saiko's face as she works. That's the smile he wants to protect.

If-End - Unbroken Zakuro[]

The narrator wants to know what happened to the Zakuro Saiko, a girl trapped in the past seeking love torn away from her. Misato instructs you to close your eyes.

The start is sudden, Yukimaru asking Metarou if he's free in the weekend. Metarou asks him what it's about, and Yukimaru replies that it's about Saika, that famous beautician. Metarou recalls her, noting that the only reason he knows of her is because of Yukimaru. He brings it up all the time, apparently. Yukimaru replies that he's booked an appointment at the place she works, so he thought he'd invite Metarou. Metarou denies, because there's no actual reason for him to go. He wouldn't mind going to the appointment but it's for Yukimaru and not him, so it'd be completely awkward. Yukimaru says it's fine, since Metarou's not busy anyway, which he isn't but he still doesn't like Yukimaru assuming it. He leaves, leaving Metarou no room but to comply.

On the weekend, Metarou and Yukimaru head to the parlor where Saika works at. Yukimaru strikes up a conversation with Metarou, and Metarou figures out that he's really just there to see Saika, not even to get his hair done. Metarou regrets his decision to join Yukimaru. They make it to the parlor, and Metarou notes the atmosphere makes him feel totally out of place. Saika comes, and Metarou notes that even Yukimaru acts nervous around her. She seems very admirable to Metarou, though. Since Metarou is just tagging along, he's left in the waiting area with nothing to do. Metarou picks up a magazine, when a girl (Saiko) enters the establishment. She sits down next to Metarou as he flips through the magazines, finding articles about Saika in all of them. He then notices that Saiko is looking over his shoulder at the article, and asks if he could help her. She just replies with "That." Metarou seems confused, and talks about how people like Saika are very impressive to him, working so hard. Saiko seems pleased with his response. Saiko tells him that Saika is her older sister, and she's very proud of her. Saika comes in and asks if Saiko was bothering him, and Metarou replies that she wasn't at all. They do seem very similar in looks, so Metarou believes they probably are sisters.

Saiko and Saika, together.

After a bit, Yukimaru comes back. Metarou tells him he better be taking Metarou for a treat, since he's been dragged along so far. Yukimaru obliges, paying the bill for the haircut first. As they exit, Metarou looks back and notices Saiko and Saika being very close. Saiko looks genuinely happy to be with her sister, and Metarou wondered if it was because of their closeness or because Saiko was so proud of her, or maybe it's both. He feels strangely relieved that Saiko is smiling. Maybe there was a world where Saika was taken by tragedy, and because of that a future where Saiko was crazy came and went. Metarou watches them laughing together and affirms that there's definitely a world like that somewhere. So he hopes the happiness they found in this world won't ever break. He notes that this is definitely a weird thought, since they're strangers who will likely never meet again. Still, he can't help but to note their smiles.

True End - The Seventh Roll[]

Did you know, the opposite sides of a die always add up to 7? The narrator feels he's forgetting something important. There's no way to change your fate, because it's been set in stone. What was the thing the narrator was forgetting? It was very very important. If you want to defy fate, you have to roll the largest number. A very, very important person. Nana....... Nana's not there. She's not anywhere to be found.

The scene changes to a school hallway, with two grade schoolers. Both silent, the boy holding the girl's arm, waiting for time to move again. Nana, Metarou's childhood friend. Their families live in the same condo, in neighboring units. They didn't know each other well, just names and faces. Nana talks first. "I'm pretty sure if I jumped from here, I'd die." Metarou had been walking home from school, and found her on an external hallway, leaning on the railing. Metarou had grabbed her arm by instinct. Nana tells Metarou not to stop her, that it's not something she decided on a whim. It's been piling up for years, and she's done. Metarou understands why. Every night, he hears screams coming through the walls. Something crying, inhuman. Her home is a place beyond Metarou's imagination, but he's convinced that's what pushed her to this. He knew it wasn't temporary, but he still wanted to stop her. Metarou wonders why he's trapped now. Nana asks him to let go. She proposes that he only wants to stop her because it feels normal, but Metarou reassures her. Eventually good things will happen, though its shown even he feels unsure about this. And it wouldn't break her resolve anyhow.

Nana decides that they'll resolve this by rolling a die. If she rolls a 7, she'll live. But if it's anything lower, Metarou has to kill her. Metarou feels shocked, deciding that that's impossible. The die only has 1-6. Nana tells him that no matter what number you roll, the opposite sides of the die will add to 7, so it's always there. Metarou realizes that she doesn't want to die, and just wanted help. Nana tells him not to forget that Nana will always be by his side. Nana means 7 in Japanese, so it's probably more of a pun than anything. She tosses the die far into the air.

The narrator hears the sound of water dripping, breathing in the musty air of the prison. They can't remember how long it's been or why they're there. They just are, and it's been forever. His roomate is playing with stones, as usual. He tosses a cube-shaped stone up high and catches it, killing time. The man strikes up a conversation, talking about a last chance for escape. They make a bet, a bet on the die, just as they did at the beginning of the game. Again, the man rolls six. The narrator rolls, and the number that turns up is... 7. The die split in half when it hit the ground, revealing both a 6 and a 1. So the narrator finally was able to win. The roomate seems surprised, but doesn't object to it. Even though he lost, the roomate smiles as the narrator leaves, escaping finally. It is revealed that the roomate is Matarou from Mikoto Nikki and the reason he is absent in Full Bokko Youchien is because he's an inmate on death row. He tells the narrator to tell his wife Mikoto and his son Mitarou that he'll definitely find a way to return to them. Matarou then tells him to leave, and escape to the future he obtained from the 7th roll.

A girl in the hospital.

Someone wakes up in the hospital, from a nice, happy dream. The narrator sat up from the bed they laid on and points out a girl next to them. She was pronounced brain dead, lying in bed, never to wake up again. They explain that they'd escaped from prison only because of a man named Matarou, and had come here as some sort of pennance. He knew he was guilty, what he had done. He was going to face punishment eventually. They had just wanted to see this girl once more. The narrator squeezes the girl's hand, feeling her heartbeat. They wish to have taken her place, to be stuck in a coma like this, though it couldn't have done any good. They're sure the police will find them any minute, and they'd just like to spend their last free moments with this girl, Nana.

The scene changes, with Nana in the same place as Matsuri. The narrator doing the same thing to her. They remembers all of it, her smiling face up until the very end. Nana fades into Matsuri and then back to her own face. They decided to roll the dice together, determine their fate. So they're sorry to keep her waiting. But they finally did it, the 7th roll.

After the credits, Nana notices the flowers on her windowsill, recalling their names. They all represent the girls from the game. The 6 petaled zakuro, the 5 petaled rhododendron, the 4 petaled hanabishi, the 3 petaled white clover, the 2 petaled rosemary, the 1 petaled muscari. She feels as if they've been inside her head. She had a dream that day, a dream where she was Metarou's girlfriend. She went to school and worked at a maid cafe. It's strange, still. She's been asleep since grade school, dreaming many things. Of fighting over Metarou, and killing a crazy girl, referencing the last bad ending of Saiko Muscari. Of being tricked by a beatiful teacher, and being buried in the mountains, referencing 3 bad endings in Kasane's route. Of being worried about Metarou, and killing him in a ruined bulding, referencing one of the endings of Saiko Clover's route. Of Metarou working with an Usatuber as their assistant, referencing the entire 4th roll. Of trying to protect Metarou from a girl cursed with misfortune, referencing Nana's role in the 5th roll. Of being protected by Metarou from a stalker who is younger than her, referencing multiple endings in the 6th roll. She declares it must be that because she couldn't move her body, her mind became active. She thanks you for listening to her story, and says she'll see you again soon.

The Flower Bed.

The game title screen is now styled like the flower bed from MenheRafflesia, with all of the Saikos, exempting Saiko Rosemary for Kasane.