Don's Adventures (sometimes titled Don Miguel's Sample Game) is an RPG game made by Don Miguel. It was created using an unofficially translated/pirated version of RPG Maker 2000, and was included in his original unlicensed distribution of that program. Players may choose to play in English or Russian at the beginning of the game. The game is intended to show off the features of RPG Maker 2000, and also as an example for users to make their own RPG Maker 2000 games.

Don Miguel himself is the main character and he is joined on his journey by a dog, a cat, and other assorted RTP based characters.

Story Edit

Don Miguel starts off on a cliff in the sky. He runs into a cat named Marcus who orders him to go to the castle. Don traverses through a grassland and finds a puppy named Flaid, and then traverses a fire cave which leads to the castle, but it is closed. He finds a rope that is too short, and Flaid helps him reach the rope by letting him jump on his back. This allows him to enter the castle. Some versions of the game end here.

The full version continues with Don Miguel entering the castle walls. He then enters the castle room, and attempts to speak to the king as he was ordered by Marcus to do so, but the King does not recognize him or Marcus. After ringing the bell ten times, he is sent to the prison by the King. By knocking a barrel out of place, he opens a hole where Flaid helps him escape from the cell, where they then fall down a tunnel and enter a cave. Don and Flaid are rejoined with Marcus in the cave, and then fights a zombie named Butan, who then joins his party. They then leave the cave, where Marcus comments that he obtained a strange stone, which is used to summon an airship called the Laputa.

Here, Don can change his party members and purchase strange items. They then land on a ruined castle, fight mystic knights, and then the game ends.

Legacy Edit

Multiple unofficial remakes and sequels to the game were made. A remake of the game can be found on the Steam Workshop for RPG Maker VX Ace, called 'Don's Adventures Re-Vamped!', which features updated graphics and slight changes to the story.

A semi-biographical story driven game between Don Miguel and Tenkai Star, created by Frederick C. Borromeo, currently announced.

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