Dungeon Explorer is a fairly basic turn-based-RPG for Windows. It was made using Enterbrain's RPG Maker XP by Brendon Reynolds (Emokin212)

Character System Edit

The character creation system is fairly simple for now. I am currently looking for a scripter to create some sort of windowed character system. For now, the player starts off in the game as a mouse (reference to "Of Mice and Men") and chooses the starting class and looks of his or her character.

Classes Edit

The classes available to the player are:






Story Line Edit

The story in Dungeon Explorer is fairly basic, mostly becuse it does not play an important part in the game.

 "In a world where peace is constently in order, the people have created a
new form of entertainment: Dungeon Exploring. Heros go through dungeons
fighting monsters, finding treasures and becoming famous. You are one of
these heros. You will start your adventure in the begining ranks and work
your way up to become the Dungeon Master!"

The story is supposed to be commically-cliche.

Gameplay Edit

The exact way the game is going to play out has not been decided, but it will most likely consist of being able to go around a town, shop, save, rest, etc; and then go through the next round in the compition.

Dungeons Edit

All dungeons will have a theme; such as a fire dungeon, a forest, etc.


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