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Mature Content Warning

This page EMPTY SOUL contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Content Warnings: Not yet confirmed

EMPTY SOUL is a survival horror RPG maker game created by Clorith Studio.


EMPTY SOUL takes you into the story of Solan Walls, a young scientist girl who suffered a terrible accident. Due to that fact, she started to experiment creepy nightmares...What Solan doesn't know is that all her pain and dreams are somehow connected!

Her mission is to reach the end of the horror, while surviving from all kind of enemies. She'll find allies along the way, but... can you trust something that your mind created?

"This is something more, it's not only on her mind..."

Face the fear in this horror indie game!


  • Intriguing story and animated sequences.
  • Classic style2D graphics.
  • New gameplay system! Inspired by the best Survival Horror titles!
  • Combine items in order to continue!
  • Player's emotions that affect gameplay and story!
  • Secrets to discover!
  • Puzzles to solve!
  • Completely new "Gallery" with artwork from the game!
  • Artbook and FanBook available!
  • Emotive and intriguing music for every moment!
  • A classic 4 chapters game!