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Eleven Commandments is a high fantasy RPG game developed by Lord Scribble, which adapts some of the strangest Bible stories merged in an original epic story, for didactic purposes.


After the LORD's loss of faith in mankind, the Apocalypse Forces are threatening to destroy the world of Elucis. With an army of demons and fallen angels seeking redemption, they plan to awake the Beast, a monster of incredible destructive power, by opening the Seven Seals at the top of the Seven Sacred Mountains. For that mission, God sent the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse to lead His troops against the armies of mankind who try to stop them.

Adam, champion of the Jericho Kingdom, believes there's still a chance that God changes His mind, so he decides to reach Mt. Sinai and convince Him that mankind isn't a lost cause yet. On his journey, he will meet trusty allies and face countless enemies.


  • Redone assets and characters designed from scratch.
  • An original epic story based on those from the Bible, with one main plot and three subplots (based on Octopath Traveler)
  • Monsters and enemies based on biblical mythology, history and folklore, merged with classic RPG monsters.
  • An open world with plenty of secrets.
  • The classic turn based battle system.
  • Classes and Job Points system (based on the ones from Final Fantasy and Bravely Default).
  • Three different endings.
  • Collectable items with info about the original bible version of each character adapted for this game.


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