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Erayu is an RPG Maker XP game created by Lucy Fox.


"Once there were a life and light. This world... so peaceful it was. Our everlasting princess reigned fair and wise and did not age nor die.

But at this one day, without premonition, without farewell... she disappeared.

There upon the light was gone and only darkness remained."

The story takes part in two different worlds. One of them is the world we all live in. So does Josh together with his brother Alex and their father. Josh loves video games and books and isn't much interested in his own reality. His father disapproves this and blames his son. This became worse as their mother died.

But then on one day Josh finds a game in a small shop. It has no real cover and only one word is written on the CD-case. Erayu - the games title. Josh takes the game home and starts playing.

The other world is called Erayu. It's the games world, where once an immortal princess reigned. But one day she disappeared and so seems the light. Some places in that world are fallen into darkness and more followed soon. One, who gets into that darkness never returns; not alive nor dead. As if he never existed.

When the game starts, one plays a boy, who awakes among some travelers. His memories are gone and so he tries to find his way through a world he can't remember.


  • puzzles and item combinations
  • many dialogues
  • unique characters
  • no battles
  • self-made face sets
  • custom menus
  • collectibles
  • a picture gallery
  • two endings