Eternal Eden is a 2D Japanese-style RPG created by Blossomsoft. Developed with RPG Maker VX.

Plot Edit

The player controls a child, Noah, who lives in a utopia called Eden. In Eden, all needs are provided for by Eden Tower and everyone lives eternally at their prime age. Noah wakes from a dream – the tutorial of the game – in time for the Princess's 900th birthday. Noah's friend Downey wants to present her with the best pie. He convinces Noah to take the forbidden Wisdom Fruit as an ingredient. The Princess eats the pie, turns into a monster, and escapes through a mysterious gate. Storms begin to rage, Eden Tower's door shuts and the land's magic is negated: people begin to fall ill and grow old. Noah, Downey and Downey’s rival Jean pursue the Princess.

Gameplay Edit

The game is presented in a top-down tile-based view, and enemies are only present in dungeons and appear as puffs of smoke on the field. Touching a puff of smoke starts a battle. Enemies do not respawn once they've been killed. An exclamation point will emerge above the player's head whenever he finds a hidden item. Every dungeon has a Treasure Room in which treasures and bonus experience points can be earned provided a condition is met, such as "kill all the monsters on this floor".

Features Edit

  • This game is presented in a top-down tile-based view.
  • Enemies are only present in dungeons.
  • Every dungeon has a Treasure Room.
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