RPG Maker MV Event Editor

The event editor window for RPG Maker MV.

An event in RPG Maker is used to serve either the purpose of interactive characters or items, as static or animated objects, or as a way to create scripted events or cutscenes in games.

While new events are invisible by default, an event's appearance can be configured, by choosing one of the sprites available in the list. The movement patterns of an event can also be configured, along with how fast they move, and how they collide with other events and the player's actor.

Event commands are used to program events. They allow events to react to an actor interacting with them, or react on moving above them, depending on the settings of the event. The event's event commands can also be set to automatically run when the map is loaded, or run in parallel while the game is running and the player is currently in the map with the event. For example, the Show Text event command can be used to make an event show text in a window when interacted with, to simulate the event talking. The Transfer Player event command can be used to warp players to a completely different map, usually by walking on them, but can be used for scripted events and scripted cutscenes as well.

There are also separate event pages for each event, which not only can have a different collection of event commands inserted in them, but have entirely different settings such as appearance and movement patterns. They can be set to be activated when certain conditions are met and deactivated otherwise.

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