Contribute here a master article on event actions, scripting terms and scripting constants and explain them.

Preferred formatEdit

General categoryEdit

Name (the common name for the item)

Syntax (the actual syntax as seen in the event/script editor) Use the <nowiki></nowiki> tags where necessary.

Intent (What the item is supposed to do)

RPG Maker 2000Edit

RPG Maker 2003Edit

RPG Maker XPEdit

Name: Alias

Syntax: Alias arg1 arg2

Intent: Aliasing scripts can be done by using Alias a b where a is the new name of the function and b is the old name. This is used in scripts in order to drastically reduce computability issues between them.

Name: Standard Development Kit

Intent: The SDK, short for Standard Development Kit, is a script that rewrites most of RGSS's functions in an attempt to make editing them easier. The script has, however, backfired, as now there is a rift between scripts what are SDK compatable and those that aren't.

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