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False Awakening is a episodic psychological drama-horror RPG maker game created by SigmaSuccour.


This game is a dark, story-focusedpsychological game about a young man who is stuck inside his own dream.

While Episode 1 was relatively light, this Episode 2 deals with a more darker aspect of the story.

Each episode title would be released.

  1. Episode 1: "Am I... in a dream?"
  2. Episode 2: "No shock greater than death."


You just walk from one place to the next, interact, and have dialogue. (No battle system, no choices. This game is a 'linear' experience.)


  • Trippy graphics!
  • AWESOME music!
  • A complex, yet simple dark story 
  • Containing funny & silly moments
  • Wet dreams
  • 20-30 (Episode 1) and 1 hr+ (Episode 2) of playtime