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Full Bokko Youchien (フルボッコようちえん Furu Bokko Youchien) is an RPG game made by Charon.


The story is about a boy, Mitarou who's in kindergarden. One day his mother wakes him up and promises to make him omurice when he gets home. Mitarou meets up with his only friend, Kotomi.


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After suffering rentless bullying from Kotomi for days, she convinces Mitarou to skip gym class and to a cliff. She flirts with him in an unsettling and adult manner. She then reveals that she knows that Mitarou's mother is a murderer and accusses him of being a terrible person as well. Mitarou has enough and has the option to push her off the cliff or not.

Bad Ending: Blood Tells[]


Mitarou pushes Kotomi off the cliff. But then he quickly freaks out and runs away. He then bumps into his mother, who realizes what he's done and breaks down into tears.

The player then sees Kotomi's corpse, along with her monologue about how she was depressed and miserable, but she didn't have the courage to kill herself. So she prompted Mitarou to do it for her by making him hate her, whilst never having to show her true self.

Good Ending: Mom[]


Mitarou decides not to push Kotomi off the cliff. She mocks him for being dull and boring, but then she confesses she teases him because she has a crush on him. Later Mitarou goes home and is greeted by his mother. He breaks down in tears and hugs her as she comforts him.

It's revealed that his mother is Mikoto from Mikoto Nikki. She explains to him that she has committed a crime in her past, leading to the family having to move to different places. She tells him that she will go into further details when he's older. Meanwhile Mitarou vows to become stronger for his parents' sake.


  • Matarou is absent, leaving Mikoto to raise Mitarou as a single mother. Dice Psycho reveals he's in prison under death parole.
  • Mitarou's teacher is a grown-up Ayano from Mix Ore.
  • Kotomi's name is Mikoto's name in different order. Mitarou's name is a composite of Mikoto and Matarou's names.
  • An older Kotomi appears in the spinoff Nisemono: World End.
  • The events of Utsuro Nikki happen in the same kindergarden Mitaro and Kotomi go.