Game Over is a common state in video games that usually occurs due to failing at a game, such as running out of health. When a game over occurs, in early games the player is required to restart the game from the beginning, though in more modern games, game over does not force a player to restart from the beginning, as the player is either able to restored from a saved game, or in some games, able to restart the battle or event from the beginning.

By default, in RPG Maker, a game over will occur when a battle is failed, but it can be triggered by an event by using the event command of the same name, for example due to failing a timed challenge, or choosing the wrong choice in an event. Usually, the game then returns to the title screen, where the player can either start a new game or load a saved game.

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Game Over shows an image that is 816x624 pixels in size by default. When activated, the screen fades to black and then fades into the game over image.

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