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This page Grimm's Hollow is featured as one of those special RPG Maker games.

Grimm's Hollow is a freeware, indie adventure game created by ghosthunter.


The story focuses on Lavender, a hoodie-wearing girl who awakens in a bed that's not her own, and surrounded by skull-masked strangers with cake and balloons. She's told by their leader, Grimm, that she's recently died and has joined their ranks. Rather than instantly believe them, she sets out to try and find her missing brother, Timmy, and escape from the outlandish people of the Hollow, though her actions may have grave consequences.



She is the main protagonist of the game.


He is Lavender's younger brother.


He is the main antagonist and final boss of the game.


He is the major character of the game and penultimate final boss if you lose to the baker.


  • A lot of comfort food.
  • A lot of cute ghosts.
  • A lot of mean ghosts.
  • 3 haunted caves to explore!
  • Multiple endings


Worst Ending[]

Lavender is defeated by Baker, who steals Timmy's soul and passes through the gate of death, hoping to revive himself. Lavender is then immediately defeated by Grimm when Timmy, now soulless, quickly becomes frenzied. She tries to escape to the true afterlife, but fails. Grimm narrates an epilogue, in which Lavender spends the rest of her afterlife out of the Hollow, mindlessly reaping any spirits she finds.

Bad Ending[]

Lavender loses to Baker. She also loses to Grimm, but gained enough Spirit Energy through battles to fight back, showing enough strength of spirit to pass on to the true afterlife and reunite with Timmy's soul. However, they both remain dead; instead of an epilogue, there is a shot of two graves.

Good Ending[]

Lavender beats Baker. Grimm apologizes for not arriving and intervening sooner. Soul and spirit reunited, Timmy returns to life. However, he is forced to part with Lavender, who must remain a reaper. Lavender provides an epilogue, mentioning that she sometimes overworks herself to deal with losing Timmy, but Grimm takes care of her and the other reapers.

Best Ending[]

Lavender beats Baker, returning Timmy to life, and gained enough Spirit Energy during her adventure to pass on. The siblings stay by each other's side as they enter the gate of death together, though they must part at the end; Lavender to the true afterlife, and Timmy returning to life. Years later, a grown-up Timmy provides an epilogue, and still thinking fondly of his sister. It's revealed that Lavender and Timmy's father died years before, the grief of which was the catalyst for Lavender running away with Timmy following, getting into trouble, and ended up in a coma.


The game receives critical acclaim and became one of the greatest RPG Maker games of the decade alongside with To the Moon, OneShot, and Rakuen. It reached Top 7 out of 150 best Steam games tagged with RPGMaker as well as the Top 212 out of 250 best Steam games of all time. Nine Misao Awards were nominated including Game of the Year, winning two awards for Best First Game and Star Stealing Prince Award. Also won 6 categories including Special Theme: Sad & Emotional for 2nd RPG Maker GOTM Jam.