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Heartless Angel is a RPG maker game created by Ketsueki.


  • Improved Animations/Action Sequences/Battle backs/Light/Fog/Overall Effects!
  • Combat Transition Glass shatter effect added.
  • Items now are not only an empty spark but have a sprite visible on the Map.
  • New Skill Tree custom system and balance changes!
  • Few Details on Maps got added or changed
  • added some secrets here and there
  • Sprite animation on Maps feels more alive, Example: Ketsueki, Aldo and Lucifer
  • They will have a cast, sword, magic and float animation on the map as well!
  • Remastered Ketsueki her battler sprite to match her original design more
  • This one was one of the hardest changes, but I am glad I made it in time.
  • New Abilities for enemies/summons and ketsueki, including one new Oversoul!
  • All story scenes got a mature overhaul and camera action takes place more combined with the new motions and music this will create more dynamic.
  • Like already briefly mentioned above, new music is now in the game!
  • updated some emotions and ketsueki her eyes to match the original design more.
  • updated battle victory screen and polished the design more
  • dead enemies that are no ghost will leave a corpse in the battle screen scene
  • a few new cut scenes and a story can now be explored
  • alpha stage of the karma and NPC reaction system is finally in the game!
  • alpha stage of item shop and weapon/armor enhance system is in place.
  • added a new boss when taking the evil karma route