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Hello Charlotte is a visual novel/RPG maker hybrid psychological thriller game series created by etherane.

Summary Edit

Hello Charlotte is an episodic game, where each episode can be considered a separate story, as they differ in storytelling style, themes and illustrations, but the characters stay the same.

Plot Edit

Episode 1: Junk Food, Gods and Teddy Bears Edit

Hello, new Puppeteer!  Meet Charlotte - a puppet you will control. Meet her alien friends, maggot cat and a certain Observer.

Dive deep into horrors of junk food, TV world, religion and romance novels for middle-age women. Keep your puppet safe at all times. Or don't.

Have fun dying!

Episode 2: Requiem Aeternam DeoEdit

Welcome back, dear Puppeteer.

It's been a long time.

Explore the House, go to School, SOCIALIZE, make friends with gods, play with magcats and have fun! ...all until the Trial comes.


Welcome back to the House, Mr/Mrs. Anonymous!

In this world, Puppeteers do not exist.

In a two-dimensional world without morals, what kind of girl would Charlotte be?

Have fun, and bon appetit!
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