This editor creates all the items in your RPG. There are differtent types of Items:

Item Types Edit

Items, Weapons, Armour, Treasure, Shields, Accessories

== Items ==

These Items are general things used in battle. You can create items that heal, damage, boost stats, or lower stats.pee

== Weapons ==

The different types of weapons are: Sword, Great Sword, Hammer, Axe, Katana, Staff, Bow, Knife, Tonfa, naginita(SPELL CHECK PLZ), and dagger. Weapons can be = A shield is like armour, it raises a character's defence. There are only 2-3 character types that can equip this. Shields can be given a special ability.

== Accesories ==

Accessories are equipment that (unlike weapons, armour, or shields) can raise ALL your stats except for Hp/Mp. They can not be given a special ability or a glow of poop

Catergories: RPG maker 3