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Jurassic Park: World Wide Rampage is an original RPG Maker XP project that started in early September of 2006. It takes place sometime after the events of JP3, but is only slightly connected to previous JP's.


The year is 2015. Genetic technology has reached it's peak. The complicated process of extracting and cloning DNA is a thing of the past. After several incidents involving manufactured dinosaurs, much interest was sparked within the global economy. For a while now, several large corporations have invested huge amounts of money trying to accomplish what the InGen corporation before them could not: successfully maintain a dinosaur theme park. If one were to accomplish this task, they would break the barrier of international entertainment, and become extremely wealthy. For the time being however, no organization has come close to achieving this goal... except for 1.

They are called B.O.W.

For the last 5 years, B.O.W. has secretly ordered a large quantity of bio-waste. For this reason, the government has become suspicious. What is B.O.W. really, and where is the connection between a dinosaur park and chemical waste?


Troy Miller: The main protagonist of the story, he is a geographical researcher that works to find new animal species. He has showed little interest in the recent dinosaur craze, almost disapproving of the thought that they can actually be created. Yet, something keeps calling him back to the topic...

Larissa Page: A very close friend to Troy, as well as his assistant in the field. She would do anything for him, and will keep to her assignment no matter what.

Ken Eyler: An aspiring young researcher whose grandfather worked on the original Jurassic Park. Is this the reason he wishes to pursue the wish of John Hammond?

Garret Mooring: *Coming Soon*

Subsequent appearances[]

All but one character will star in the games sequel: Jurassic Park: Project CORE.


??? Island: An island with great importance to the story. But if it was listed, that would spoil the game.

Research Center: Troy's personal lab, where the player can create items, weapons, and more.

Deus: The codename given to the headquarters of B.O.W.


As of now, no special features are planned.


All sprites made by me, with the standard graphics from RMXP.


Music from various Jurassic Park soundtracks.


None, good or bad.

Title and release information[]

Nothing released as of yet.

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