LunaRolexLer (also known as Nour Ayman, her real name) is an Egyptian RPG gamer developer and cosplayer. She's mostly known for creating Illusion , a comedy and adventure game made with RPG maker 2003. She was born on the 1st of April in 2000 in Cairo.

Her art style is pretty much Tim Burtonesque, while all her characters fall into a gothic look. (Strangely, the whole world of Illusion is all colorful and sparkly, unlike the characters).

However, Luna got incredibly critiqued for her artstyle and her game, she got accused of promoting eating disorders due to the characters looking too skinny even after she had admitted that it's just her artstyle.

Her notable work Illusion was published for free for a few months to celebrate the game's release, thus hitting 350.000 downloads, the game was then restyled and redrawn and published on Steam for 2$. Some people have theories that Illusion somehow relates to Luna's lifestory, but that will never be known.

She can be found on all social media by the same username, she's very active with her fans, mostly on deviantART and on Instagram.

She also hates cucumbers.

Illusion (2018).

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