The RPG Maker Wiki covers topics of both the RPG Maker series of game development programs, as well as games created using RPG Maker. The pages on the wiki can be edited so that users can correct text that may be out of date or incorrect, add new information, or repair errors on the page.

This wiki was founded on March 22, 2006 by Abyssal leviathin, and currently has 807 articles.

RPG Maker is a series of commercial game development programs that allow users to create role-playing video games with an interface tailored for creating such games. The most recent iteration is RPG Maker MV, released in 2015. Features such as the Database, a built in map editor, plugin/custom script support, and the ability to use custom assets such as tilesets and actor images allow for a game of your liking to be created to your specifications. Events and event commands are used to make your worlds interactive with NPCs that can have conversations, map puzzles, and more.

Spoilers for RPG Maker games can be found on this wiki. It is recommended to not open game articles if spoilers are not wanted. Even the table of contents can have spoilers for games.

RPG Maker

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Games Created Using RPG Maker


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