Yearly awards given out to recognize RPG Maker excellence. They are usually given out around December.

2007 Edit

Best Action Battle System:

Best Atmosphere:

Best Beta Tester:

Best Specific Battle:


2006 Edit

Best Non-RPG Game:

Best CBS:

Most Anticipated Release:

Worst Game:

Worst Graphics:

Best Music:

Worst Music:

Best Storyline:

Worst Storyline:

Best Use of Sound:

Best Female Protagonist:

Best Use of Mack & Blue:

Best Use of Ripped Graphics:

Most Cliché Character:

Best Allusion to Mythology:

Best Puzzle Design:

Best World Map:

Best Game that is Part of a Series:

Sleeper Hit of 2005:

Most Interesting Title of a Game:

  • Solstice - Bad Artemis, I'm Freezing, Moon VI, Volume Zero: From Madness Through The Eyes Of Fear

Best Complete Game:

Best Cliffhanger Ending:

Best CMS:

Best Atmosphere:

Most Disappointing Game:

Most Overhyped Game:

Buggiest Game Award:

Most Technical Prowess:

Best Special Effects:

Best ABS:

Best Presentation:

Person Who Has a Future in the Gaming Biz(tie):

The "This Should Not Exist" Award:

The "You Did All That Yourself!?!?" Award (Best Custom GFX):

The "There Is No Spoon" Award (game design/coding that defies all logic):

Mistiest Vaporware:

Best Customized-DBS:

Most Innovative Game:

Best Futuristic Game:

Best Demo:

Best Intro Scene:

Best Fan Game:

Most Challenging Game:

Best Secret/Easter Egg:

The Wile E. Coyote Award for Best Idea That Backfired:

Best Dialogue:

Best Replayability:

Coolest character:

Coolest RGSS Scripts:

Game with the Most Pointless Overlays:

Game with the Coolest Character and Monster Skills:

l33test RGSS Coder:

Best looking (graphically) game for 2006:

Most anticipated fangame for 2006:

Worst Dialogue:

Best Boss Fight:

Best Map Design:

Most Useless Scripts:

Best horror game:

Best game without CBS or CMS:

Best Cut Scene:

2005 Edit

Best Technical Prowess:

Best Visual Consistency:

Spike TV Award For Entirely Irrelevant Pop Culture References:

Best Use Of RPG Maker XP RTP:

Most Dramatic Game:

Biggest Improvement:

Best Cutscene:

Best Opening Sequence:

Best Puzzle Game:

Best Minigame:

Best non-clichi game:

Best Game by an Inexperienced Author:

Best Romantic Subplot:

Worst use of RMXP:

Best Quote:

Worst Map Design:

Cancelled project with the most promise:

Best Parody:

Most boring game:

Best Game Title:

Best Use of Sounds:

Most Non-Linear Game:

Least Favorite Protagonist:

Most Favorite Deuteragonist:

Least Favorite Deuteragonist:

Least Favourite Antagonist:

Worst Story:

Most farfetched story:

Worst Game Title:

Best Monsters:

Biggest Disappointment:

Best Medieval RPG:

Best War Game:

Worst Spelling/Grammar:

Best Game Without Use of a Male Main Character:

Best Character Sprite:

Worst Use of Music/Audio:

Best Preview Writer:

Best Atmosphere:

Best Final Fantasy Fan Game:

Scariest Game:

Most Innovative Game:

Best Game Pacing:

Best CBS:

Game with the most Pointless Lighting Effects:

Best game without a CBS or CMS:

The Worst Failure:

Best Rm2k Game:

Best Ending:

Best Dialogue:

Game that Best Plays with Your Emotions:

Best Original Music:

Best Epic Game:

Best Custom Graphics:

Best Gameplay:

Best Rm2k3 Game:

Best Sidequests:

Best Character Development:

Best Backstory:

Most Replay Value:

Best Demo:

Best Map Design:

Funniest Character:

Most Overhyped Game:

Best Story:

Best Fangame:

Best use of pictures in a game:

Best use of lighting/shadows:

Best Hero:

Best Villain:

Best Graphics:

Best use of RTP:

Best Article Writer:

Most Likeable Character:

Best Graphics Artist:

Best Cast:

Best Female Character:

Best Animal Character:

Best ABS:

Most Mysterious Character:

Unexpected Sleeper Hit of the Year:

RPG That Most Needs a Sequel:

Best Futuristic Game:

Best Cliche Game:

Most Realistic Dialog:

Best Coder:

Best Cancelled Game:

Hottest girl from an RM Game:

Worst Dialog:

Best CMS:

Best Complete Game:

Best Reviewer:

Most Promising Custom Engine Screenshots:

Most Promising Story:

Most Anticipated Game of 2005:

Darkest Story:

Best Comedy Game:

Best Game Series:

Game of the Year:


Most Rushed Game:

Xenogears Award:

Best Cancelled:

Best Cast:

Best CBS or ABS:

Best CMS:

Best Chain Game:

Best Character:

Best Comedy Game:

Best Complete Game:

Best Graphics:

Best Cutscene:

Best Dialogue:

Most Anticipated Game:

  • ABL: Line's End

Best Game of the Year:

Best Game Series:

Best Title For a Game:

Best Graphics Artist:

Best Minigame:

Best Music:

Best non-RPG:

Most original concept:

Best plot:

Best coded game:

Best article writer:

Best RTP Game:

Best villain:

Biggest Disappointment:

  • Dragon's Destiny 2 being cancelled

Biggest Ripoff:

Easiest Rm2k/3 Game:

Best Support Character:

Most Annoying Game:

Most Difficult Game:

Most Grotesque Scene:

Laggiest Game:

Most Mysterious Character:

  • Rhue, Serena, Gaius or Phantom Slasher, The Way

Most Overhyped Game:

Most Pretentious Game:

Most Technically Advanced Game:

Sleeper Hit of the Year:

Best Theme ( What is being taught in the game ):

Worst Fad:

  • Final Fantasy Fangames

Worst Character:

Worst Dialog:

Worst Game of the Year:


Best CMS:

Best Overall Cast:

Best Use of Mack and Blue:

Best use of RTP:

Best use of sound effects:

Most Annoying character:

Worst Dialog:

Best Art:

Best CBS:

Best Comedy Game:

Best Complete Game:

Best Dialog:

Best Dungeons:

Best Fangame:

Best Individual Character:

Best Music:

Best overall graphics:

Best reviewer:

Best Rm2k game moment:

Best use of a cliche:

Best villain:

  • Shadar, Demon Legacy

Biggest Mistake of the year:

Funniest Game:

Game that failed the most:

Hardest Game:

Most anticipated game feature:

Most controversial game:

Most descriptive world:

  • Phylomortis 2 PBFS

Most laggy game:

Most likely to be finished:

Most overhyped:

Most overrated:

Most promising upcoming game:

Most talented coder:

Worst plot:

Worst reviewer:

Best game of the year:


Best Graphics:

Best Music:

Best Plot:

Best Character:

Best Villain:

Most Innovative Feature:

Most Fun:

Best CBS:

Best Supporting Cast:

Best Title Screen:

Most Overhyped:

Sleeper of the Year:

Greatest Risk that Succeeded:

Greatest Risk that Failed:

Best Game Title:

Most Blatant Ripoff Game:

Worst Game of the Year:

Best Reviewer:

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