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This page Mogeko Castle contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Content Warnings: Gore, Sexual Content

Mogeko Castle (モゲコキャッスル Mogeko Kyasuru) is an adventure horror game created by Deep-sea Prisoner. Originally; the game was made in RPG Maker 2000 and released on April 1st in 2012 and then remade in RPG Maker VX Ace and released in 2014.


Yonaka Kurai is an ordinary girl in her second year of high school. Today is the day that her beloved big brother, Shinya, returns home. Boarding the train she ends up falling asleep on the way home. Unfortunately, she awakens to an unfamiliar train station, and feels as if something is watching her.

While she looks around, she encounters some odd creatures with feline features which are called "Mogekos". They are strange beings who are disturbingly obsessed with high school girls, sex, and prosciutto. Soon, Yonaka finds herself trapped in the Mogeko castle; encountering countless Mogeko, which some choose to assist her.


Yonaka Kurai

A schoolgirl who was on her way home to see her brother, only to fall asleep on the train and find herself stranded in the Mogeko world. Now she has to make her way through the mysterious Mogeko Castle to find a way back home.

She is innocent, kind, and calm, however, she seems to suffer from the same ailment as her brother; becoming insanely strong and crazed. It is noted that she has a strong grip when she shakes hands. Yonaka deeply cares and loves her older brother, to a point where she changed her hairstyle to match her brother's. It's also shown that she found Nega-Mogeko cute, often blushing when she found him adorable and may harbor romantic feeling towards Defect Mogeko.

Defect Mogeko

A strange green Mogeko locked in a cell with Yonaka. Unlike a majority of the other Mogekos, he has no desire to pursue her and helps her escape Mogeko Castle. He's revealed to be the final special Mogeko, and he sacrifices himself to help Yonaka escape.

Shinya Kurai

Yonaka's older brother. He's the motivation for Yonaka to return home, as he's visiting his family. At the end of the game it's revealed he's insane and killed his parents while waiting for Yonaka to return home.


Non-existent creatures in reality who reside in Mogeko Castle. They love prosciutto and high school girls, they are perverted by nature and are shown to be extremely powerful; some having the strength to bring down the whole castle into rubble if they wanted to do so. They continuously try to sexually assault Yonaka, however, not all try to do so, as evidenced when observing and inspecting them on each floor.

King mogeko

The founder of Mogeko Castle and its residents, including the Special Seven Mogekos. He is considered the strongest Mogeko in Mogeko Castle, and his whole face becomes featureless with only one huge eye visible on his face when he gets serious and uses his dark powers. He has stated that he wants to "XXX Yonaka-tan."


A homicidally insane human-Mogeko hybrid girl who rules over the fourth floor of the castle with an iron fist. Originally created to be the perfect little girl for the Mogekos to have their way with, they screwed up the recipe, using cement instead of candy. The result is less than pleasant.

Seven Special Mogekos

There are Seven Special Mogekos in Mogeko Castle. Each one serves as a guardian to each floor in the castle. With their guidance, Yonaka is able to escape from the Mogeko Kingdom and returns to her own world.

  • Somewhat Strange Mogeko - Guardian of Floor I. Gives Yonaka a special knife that can kill Mogekos with one blow, though the chance to do so does not come up very often.
  • Prosciutto Fairy - Guardian of Floor II. Gives Yonaka a key that will help later on in the game.
  • Blood Spirit - Guardian of Floor III. Warps Yonaka and Defect Mogeko to the next floor. Shy around women. 
  • Hasu - Guardian of Floor IV. Informs Yonaka of a secret passage to Floor V. Faithful to the Lord Prosciutto.
  • Moffuru - Guardian of Floor V. Leads Yonaka to the next floor through a heavenly beam of light.
  • Mogecuckoo - Guardian of Floor VI. Prevented mogekos from destroying the library. Warps Yonaka/Defect Mogeko to Floor VII. 
  • Nega-Mogeko - Guardian of Floor VII. Captured and held in a cell for execution, for becoming a defect. Decided to help Yonaka reach the top floor when they met in the prison on Floor III.


Bad End 0 "Everlasting Dream"

If Yonaka decides not to go into the castle, a swarm of Mogekos will appear behind her and, after admitting what they know about her, they will gang-rape her to death.

Bad End I "Assimilation"

If Yonaka decides to unleash the madness of the first Mad Mogeko, it will kill her and she will ask many questions about herself, including who she is. She will then "become one with the darkness of Mogeko Castle".

Bad End II: "Insects"

If Yonaka goes in the room with Mogeko larva, she becomes a host for Mogeko Eggs, which presumably have been laid inside of Yonaka by the larva.

Bad End III: "Meat Party"

If Yonaka decides to lift the cage filled with Mad Mogeko, they run towards her and Defect Mogeko and attack them, eating them alive.

Bad End IV: "Toy"

If Yonaka and Defect Mogeko leave Moge-ko's room instead of going for her bed, Moge-ko will kill Defect Mogeko and make Yonaka her new toy. She will hang her on one of the many crosses in her torture room and torture her for a long time. Her followers will then spy on them during one of their sessions and see the worn-out Yonaka.

Bad End V: "Parasite"

If Yonaka decides to touch the blancfluff parasite, it will jump in her mouth and works its way to her stomach. While it's doing that, Yonaka is screaming as it squirms around in her body. Eventually, Yonaka will turn into a Yonafluff.

Bad End? VI: "Elopement"

If Yonaka chooses to elope with Defect Mogeko and abandon her quest to return home, she and Defect Mogeko will run away together and presumably get married.

Bad End VII: "Fictitious Truth"

If Yonaka gets caught by her brother, he will pull out a knife and stab her multiple times while she screams in pain.

Normal End: "Yonaka Castle"

If Yonaka kills any or all of the Special Mogekonote  and kills her brother, she will return to Mogeko Castle, knock out Moge-ko, and kill King mogeko. She will scalp King mogeko and wear his scalp like a crown; then, just as the other Mogeko are ready to attack her, she turns into Lord Prosciutto. She renames the castle after herself and decides to use her powers to resurrect her brother.

Happy End

If Yonaka doesn't kill any special Mogeko and kills her brother, he will momentarily return to his senses and give her one more smile before passing on. After the credits, King mogeko will be by someone's bedside. He will initially start by talking about happiness. Then, he will reveal that he's by Yonaka's beside and that because she is either comatose or on an anti-psychotic/antidepressant medication, she is unable to see or hear him. Meaning, he will continue to haunt her and never leave her alone.


  • Two girls appear in the train alongside Yonaka at the beginning of the game. They are Nataka Kurokawa and Imika Yujima, characters by Deep-sea Prisoner.
  • In the first floor, Yonaka finds a letter from a father apologizing to his daughter Olivia. The author was Sullivan, a character from Obsolete Dream, another work by Deep-sea Prisoner.
  • In the fourth floor, Yonaka encounters two demon girls searcing for their lost friend Kurotsuno. They are Hanten and Met, the three being characters from Obsolete Dream as well.