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Mature Content Warning

This page Morimiya Middle School Shooting contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Content Warnings: Violence, coarse language and mentions of suicide.

Morimiya Middle School Shooting (森宮中学校銃乱射事件?) is a crime thriller game created by R-18G Artist eric806359, also known as Erikku or kata235.


In Japan, an unnamed girl experiences the trauma of walking into the bathroom where her mother committed suicide, hanging from a rope. Living with her alcoholic father until he one day becomes quiet and mysteriously disappears (likely due to his debts), she develops hatred of those who ignore her, those who have what she doesn't, and a desire to kill. Hearing about previous cases of mass murder, and learning how to make pipe bombs, she prepares to commit a mass murder of her own at her own school, Morimiya Middle School.


The player controls an unnamed girl that shoots up her school. You start with only two guns, a low power .22 caliber rifle (SR22) and a 9mm semi-automatic pistol (G17). At the end of each shooting you gain SP, which can be spent to buy new guns and skills. There will be people that try to stop you, teachers, some male students, and the yandere. Killing the yandere awards a 5000 SP bonus at the end of the shooting.

The player can run, which decreases the stamina bar and accuracy. If the player is above 50% stamina they will maintain a minimum of 50% accuracy while aiming. While aiming, the player can gain up to 100% accuracy. Accuracy is the chance that a shot will hit a student.

Shot power is the chance of whether a shot will instantly kill a student. There are no guns that will guaranteed instant kill students. Critical hits, which are unlikely on all guns will always instantly kill a student or teachers regardless of shot power. Shotguns get a 25%+ accuracy bonus, but decrease in power the farther away a target is.

If you get 5 stars on a shooting (60+ Kills), you unlock the BM-15 MOD.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Shift - Run
  • Spacebar - Shoot
  • Z - Select (in menu)
  • X - Exit (in menu)
  • Q - Swap between main and secondary firearm
  • E - Aim Down Sights
  • F5 - Instantly restart game from title.



  • B-S3- 12 gauge semi- automatic shotgun with a tube magazine. | Power: 100 | Recoil: Very Large | Speed: Slow | Bullets: 7 |
  • SR-22-default .22 semi-automatic rifle. | Power: 20 | Recoil: Smallest | Speed: Normal | Bullets: 25 |
  • AR-14- 5.56mm semi automatic rifle. | Power: 80 | Recoil: Medium | Speed: Normal | Bullets: 20 |
  • Type 56 - 7.62mm semi-automatic rifle. | Power: 100 | Recoil: Large | Speed: Normal | Bullets: 30 |
  • S-870 - 12 gauge pump action shotgun with tube magazine. | Power: 100 | Recoil: Very Large | Speed: Slowest | Bullets: 4 |
  • S-12 - 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun with a box magazine. | Power: 100 | Recoil: Very Large | Speed: Slow | Bullets: 5 |
  • BM-15 - 5.56mm semi-automatic rifle. | Power: 80 | Recoil: Medium | Speed: Normal | Bullets: 30 |
  • BM-15 MOD - 5.56mm fully automatic rifle. | Power: 80 | Recoil: Medium | Speed: Fast | Bullets: 40 |
  • C-900 - Pistol-caliber carbine with a capacity of 100 bullets. | Power: 40 | Recoil: Small | Speed: Normal | Bullets: 100 |
  • VSG-12 - 12 gauge over under double-barreled shotgun. | Power: 100 | Recoil: Very Large | Speed: Slow | Bullets: 2 |


  • G-17 - default sidearm. | Power: 40 | Recoil: Small | Speed: Normal | Bullets: 17 |
  • C-1911 - .45 caliber automatic pistol. | Power: 60 | Recoil: Medium | Speed: Normal | Bullets: 7 |
  • TEC-9 - Full automatic pistol. | Power: 40 | Recoil: Large | Speed: Fastest | Bullets: 32 |


  • Quick Change - Exchange weapons faster to shoot more bullets! Time spent switching between your main gun and side gun will decrease.
  • Reload Master - Increase reload speed to shoot more! Time spent reloading will decrease.
  • Painkiller - "Let's be merciful to the wounded!" If you attack at zero distance, you have 50% chance to kill.
  • Monster Student - "I hate teachers! Let´s kill them all!" Shooting power against teachers will increase by 50%!
  • Sharp Shooter - "Let's blow everyone's brain out!" Chance of a critical hit will increase by 10%!
  • Demon Bombs - "Guns and bombs are my only friends!" Pipe bomb stock increased from 3 to 6!
  • Game of Tag - Be the protagonist from the game "Tag in the Hallway"! The player will change to the protagonist of "Tag in the Hallway", Yūmi Tōjō, who wields a knife.
  • Gunslinger - Skillful shooting will always hit! When moving, accuracy will double! This skill can only be obtained if you complete the training minigame quickly.