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One Night is a RPG horror game created by DarkGaia, It is the first installment in One Night Trilogy, released in January 2009.


It takes place in July 2012 and follows an amnesiac CIA agent named Colt, who awakens in a crumbling research facility infested by otherworldly monsters. He eventually teams up with another surviving agent and together they discover that the facility administrator sabotaged an experiment in the facility, causing it to be swallowed up in an inter-dimensional portal and "merge" with another universe, which has resulted in most of the facility's staff turning into monsters.

Ultimately, Colt reverses the "merge" and returns the facility to normality, allowing him to escape, though it is unclear who manipulated the facility administrator to cause the "merge" and why. This loose end is explored in the third game, which is a direct sequel. Depending on how they played, the player can receive one of three endings, where Colt survives alongside one, both, or none of the facility's other survivors.


  • Traditional survival horror gameplay in the style of 90s classics.
  • Terrifying story that blends science fiction with H.P Lovecraft.
  • Multiple endings and NPCs that live or die based on your actions.
  • Updated for modern configurations and operating systems.
  • Completely free to play!