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One Night 2: The Beyond is a RPG horror game created by DarkGaia. It is the second installment in One Night Trilogy and a long awaited sequel to the original RPG Maker VX survival horror game, first released in mid 2010. 


It takes place two decades earlier, in July 1987. Players take control of one of two selectable protagonists (a detective, John Faraday or a writer, Sara Wickson) as they become trapped in a supposedly haunted mansion named "The Beyond" and must try to survive the night. Eventually, the chosen protagonist discovers that the mansion was built on top of a series of old coal mines wherein a construction of extraterrestrialorigin has been buried since the late Bronze Age.

The beings within the construction, known as "shadow people", who possess psychokinetic powers, have been driven from their own world due to war and have fled to Earth, which they plan to conquer. However, their journey to Earth has weakened them and they have remained in suspended animation underneath the mansion for thousands of years, awakening in the mid-20th Century to regain their powers by slowly bringing the mansion and the surrounding countryside under their control.

By the point of the game's beginning, they have almost regained full power, and, after uncovering their back story and unlocking the way to the mines, the game's protagonist defeats them, reducing their power to almost nothing once again and releasing the house from their control. The game features four different endings that the player can achieve based on their performance, with two available for each of the selectable characters.


  • Terrifying survival horror gameplay inspired by Alone In The Dark and Resident Evil.
  • A horrific mystery to solve crafted by horror author D. Robert Grixti.
  • Two different characters with multiple endings create an endlessly replayable experience.
  • Updated for modern configurations and operating systems.