Paranormal Syndrome is an RPG horror game designed by Yuuyami no Kisetsu. This includes multiple Japanese urban legends revolving around the main character, Himeno Mikoto.

Plot Edit

Himeno Mikoto, an 18-year-old girl, used to be a normal high school student. One night, her friend, Kajiro Yuka, calls her and Mikoto goes over to her house to investigate. What follows is a series of paranormal events that has a connection to Mikoto and Yuka's families. With the help of paranormal investigator, Himuro Hitoshi, and two of his friends, can they put an end to the string of events or will they uncover a deeper connection to Mikoto and the following events?

Characters Edit

Himeno Mikoto Edit

The female lead and the only playable character. Throughout the game, she experiences a lot of paranormal events. She, along with Kajiro Yuka and Kajiro Haruko, survived the hitori kakurenbo activity. After the event, she is taken into the care of the paranormal investigators.

Himuro Hitoshi Edit

The lead paranormal investigator of the Kajiro event. He is the first one to befriend Mikoto. From the beginning, he knows that there is a paranormal explaination for the Kajiro family murder. He's the closest to Mikoto out of the group and often comforts her when she's upset. He also seems to be the most logical and reasonable of the three men.

Kaga Tsuyoshi Edit

A paranormal journalist and a close friend of Hitoshi. At first, he was excited about the first incident Mikoto was involved in. However, once it's discovered there is a deeper connection to all the paranormal events, he becomes concerned for her. He soon researches the Kajiro and Himeno families and discovers both families are descendants of shaman families, which explains why Mikoto is involved in paranormal events.

Kirisaki Shouta Edit

A paranormal specialist and researcher. He was first introduced during the Kunekune incident. He revealed what the creature's name was. He knows the most about all the events that Mikoto is involved in.