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The Plugin Manager in RPG Maker MV.

A Plugin is the RPG Maker MV and MZ equivalent to a script in RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX, and RPG Maker VX Ace. Plugins allow for the extensive customization of the engine used for RPG Maker MV games. In RPG Maker MZ, they can easily be turned on/off.

Plugins use the JavaScript programming language instead of the Ruby language scripts of past RPG Maker programs since RPG Maker XP, for better compatibility with the new HTML5 engine and improved ease of use with customizing the engine. JavaScript (not to be confused with Oracle's Java programming language) is a language commonly used to add functionality to websites.

Plugins are added to a game by using the Plugin Manager. Game plugins are stored in the "Project\js\plugins\" folder. Plugins can be created in any text editor, such as Notepad++ or Geany.

Plugin Manager[]

The Plugin Manager is used to add plugins into a game. It is also used to configure the order in which plugins are loaded, as well as configure plugin settings. Changing the order of plugins is useful when installing other user's plugins, as they may not work correctly if they are loaded in the wrong order. This also allows the user to separate the plugins into sections by using a dummy separator plugin named "------" for example. Plugins may be disabled or enabled using the Plugin Manager, or removed altogether, so that debugging problems caused by a new plugin added to the game is possible, and outright removing plugins that are no longer wanted or do not do what the developer thought it would do is also possible.

In RPG Maker MZ, a check mark box allows users to more quickly enable and disable plugins, by merely clicking on the boxes on the plugin listing instead of opening the menu for the specified plugin. Additionally, developers of plugins can warn users in the program on what order the plugins need to be loaded in.

Official Plugins[]

New RPG Maker MV games created with modern versions of the program come with two plugins preinstalled, Community_Basic, and MadeWithMv. Community_Basic is used to modify basic elements of the game such as resolution. MadeWithMv shows a splash screen when starting the game, and to save time it should be disabled when creating or testing a game, as it will always appear when starting it or when the game is reset by using the F5 refresh function.

Custom Plugins[]

The first proper library of RPG Maker MZ plug-ins are the VisuStella plugins. The most famous custom RPG Maker MV plugins are the Yanfly Engine plugins.