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Pom Gets Wi-Fi is a role-playing game made using RPG Maker 2003.


The game starts with a violet and pink bedroom with a dog sitting. This dog's name is Pom. Pom likes to spend time on social networks like Facewoof, Reddig, gTail, and Tumfur.

Her owner's house burns down, and Pom dies. She appears in Doggy Heaven, finding out that there is no Wi-Fi. She finds Shibe, her owner's other dog, and he helps her to find Wi-Fi.

Characters []


Pom is the main character. She likes to spend her days on the Internet. She tends to speak in Internet slang, lower case letters and reference anime and video games. She's also a self-proclaimed furjoshi (a play on fujoshi), shipping Hus and with Shibe. In a battle, she can use Taunt and Tell a yo mama joke. 


Shibe is a Shiba Inu who lives with Pom. He accompanies Pom in her search for Wi-Fi. Pom insults him a lot, and says he is her servant. 


Papi is the first dog to welcome Pom and Shibe to Doggy Heaven, and explains Shibe that they are dead. She doesn't know what Wi-Fi is. She's known for eating a lot of treats.


Sharpei is a seemingly old dog who lives with York. He doesn't know what Wi-Fi is. 


York is a young Yorkie who likes to collect trash. He tells you that there is Wi-Fi in the cafe. Pom will be able to give him a root beer float from Starpugs in exchange for the Corg-keys. 


Crest lives with Puddle. She is afraid of spiders. Pom saves her life. She is the object of Bernard's unrequited affections. Pom can choose to either follow her around or take pictures of her.


Puddle is a Poodle who lives with Crest. Crest says she takes care of spiders. After killing a spider and saving Crest's life, she gives Pom a large inflatable dolphin. 


Hus is a Husky who Pom and Shibe meet in the park. He may have a scary face, but he is really a nice guy. Pom playfully ships him with Shibe. He and Shibe will try stopping Pom from facing Dog in the finale. 


Bernard is a St. Bernard who has unrequited feelings for Crest. He offers Pom and Shibe dog treats if they stalk and take pictures of Crest for him. If they choose not to take pictures of Crest, then they will engage in a battle with him. 


Malty is a Maltese dog who is Internet friends with Pom. Like Pom, she uses Japanese phrases and speaks in Internet slang. What makes her distinguishable is her usage of emoticons.