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Project Kat is an adventure puzzle horror game created by Leef 6010.

Project Kat - Paper Lily Prologue is a standalone game and a prologue to the full game (currently in development) of Paper Lily created by Leef 6010, the game was released on Steam on Oct 16, 2021.


Project Kat is about a high schooler named Kat who's dead set on trying a very dangerous game. The player's goal is to uncover its secrets and make sure she comes out in one piece.

This is a story-based puzzle game where each puzzle has multiple solutions and outcomes! There is always another way.

The game is playable in about 45 minutes and there is only one ending but possible differences in the gameplay depending on the player's choices.

No matter what you do, she will always have the same ending. But as you continue the story, the plot gets better.

Project Kat - Paper Lily Prologue has the same game elements however the game has added additional content is playable for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, it is a standalone game with 8 possible endings.


  • Kat: the protagonist. She will try to perform a particular ritual, not knowing that it will have potentially dangerous results. She is a member of the occult club, but has joined only to obtain the instructions for the ritual. She has a goal-oriented personality as she is reckless and perseveres in her goals however she still has the capability to let go of her own wishes if needed, as it may bring more harm than good to herself and the others around her. She has a bad reputation at school, apparently. She has short black hair and a signature hair clip on the left side of her head.
  • Juli: One of the three girls trying the Ouija board in the occult club room. She's pretty and poised, but can lose her patience in certain situations. She's also ironic and a bit of a tsundere. She has long black hair.
  • Saki: One of the three girls trying the Ouija board in the occult club room. She's snarky and bit short-tempered. She's part of the theatre club and has some sort of admiration towards Juli. She has brown hair and styles her hair in a ponytail.
  • Kaya: One of the three girls trying the Ouija board in the occult club room. She's quiet, reserved and is constantly fidgeting with her ribbon. She doesn't have many friends outside Juli and Saki. She has short hair.


Project Kat[]

''Mean'' Ending[]

To achieve this ending, the player must cut a strand of hair from one of the girls in the occult club, without getting to know them.

After performing the ritual, Kat will find herself inside a long hallway with different doors, all locked, while one will have wooden boards blocking it. After getting a key, she will be able to open the door at the top of the staircase. Kat will find herself in a long hallway similar to that of her school and while progressing through it, she will be taunted by a mysterious voice. After being trapped in an enclosed room, Kat will have a minor breakdown, begging the voice to let her out, and after that she will find herself transported back at the initial hallway, noticing that the door blocked by wooden boards will be unlocked. Kat will go through that door, ending up in black space with various bloodstains on the ground, which will be from the three girls from before, now dead. Following the bloodstains, Kat will find a locked door with 'exit' written on it and after few seconds, it will open.

Looking at it, Kat will suddenly start crying, claiming that she doesn't want to die. Soon after, sounds resembling dismembering can be heard, implying that something killed Kat.

''Nice'' Ending[]

To achieve this ending, Kat must get to know the three girls, cut a strand of her own hair and get the theatre club room key from Saki.

Same as the ''mean'' ending, but if Kat interacts with the three dead girls' bodies, they will be referred with their respective name, instead of an alias.

When Kat claims that she doesn't want to die, someone will answer her that everybody should die at least once. The same sounds from the previous ending can be heard and the game ends.

Paper Lily Prologue[]

True End K1 - Curiosity Killed the Kat[]

When Kat is trapped in the enclosed room, the player must now select 'Please, let me out' and not 'Be strong'.

Same as the endings listed above (depending on the player's choice), but with two additional cutscenes. One features Kat and an unnamed girl talking to each other, with the latter trying to dissuade Kat from doing rituals stating that she won't find 'him' this way, with no results. The other has Kat, while trapped in the school hallway, visiting a room with a younger version of herself and a person sitting at a desk, with the two figures disappearing if Kat gets too close. Kat can choose to ignore the illusion entirely and skip past it displeasing the mysterious voice, this will however not change the outcome.

Dead End K2 - Cold Kat Feet[]

Kat must leave the school before preparing all the items needed for the ritual, Juli, Saki and Kaya shoud still be in the clubroom while you are leaving the school.

Kat will chicken out the ritual and will return home, planning to do it again, but her notes disappear without a trace. Kat will try to convince herself that the ritual was a scam anyway, but she will lament the fact that now she will never know.

Dead End K3 - Academic Spiral[]

Kat decides to leave the school when Juli, Saki and Kaya have already left leaving the clubroom empty and this leads to an unfavorable outcome for her.

Kat will find herself descending an infinite number of stairs. Thinking that perhaps someone will find her, she falls alseep, but will wake up in the staircase the same as before. Kat traces a cross on the ground with chalk, to make sure that she's not descending the same amount of stairs and testing her theory, but when trying to go down the stairs one final time, she finds out to her horror that the cross is on the ground, meaning that she's trapped in a never-ending loop. Kat will despair and after the screen goes black, she apologizes to her mother, saying that she won't be able to return home.

Dead End K4 - Nevermind Forever[]

Being friendly with the girls will make Kat not that eager to cut their hair without permission anymore, you reach that point when you are given permission to sit down. Kat must sit down with Juli, Saki and Kaya, and chat with them, so that the three will join her with the ritual, but the four must leave the school before completing it.

Kat will lose interest in the ritual, claiming that maybe it wasn't that important, but is glad that she now has some people to talk to.

Dead End K5 - Party Wipe[]

After Juli, Saki and Kaya joins Kat, the four girls must proceed with the ritual.

Once Kat starts counting, cutting sounds can be heard. Kat finishes counting, but when she opens her eyes, she will find herself in a room with Juli, Saki and Kaya dismembered and dead. Horrified, Kat will leave the room, with a voice telling her that sometimes it happens that fools bring a group with them. After that something will kill Kat despite her pleas.

[Additional Details][]

Kat and the girls can try to escape the school but they will fail and realize they are in a connecting hallway. If Kat and the girls enter the "room in the west corridor" without having read the "golden letter for the extended rules, in the club room" or if you leave the room immediately after entering then you can never unlock Dead End K7. Because after entering the "room in the west corridor" once you leave you can never go back in again. Experiencing these additional options will not change the dialogue or outcome in the Dead End K5 - Party Wipe Route.

[Hidden Infinite Dead End Route - Dead End K5-1][]

Going to the room in the west hallway then reading the extended rules, while having not placed the candles in the middle room will lead to this route. Kat and the girls had just finished reading the extended rules of the ritual but when they return to the west hallway room, they find the lock of the room to have disappeared denying access to it entirely. Saya sees this as a sign, Juli realizes the hallway is longer than normal and Saki is in horror when she realizes what has happened. The game has reached a hidden dead end route as the four girls cannot leave the school anymore this repeats and has no end, if you try to continue the ritual the game won't let you it will stop midway when you have placed the candles and the game won't let you light it, the only choice is to LOAD the game.

Dead End K6 - Snip snip[]

This route cannot be reached anymore if Kat obtains all the materials needed for the ritual, the last one usually being her hair or the hair of one the three girls, this will lead to the club room being completely dark and the windows being firmly shut this is because Kat will point out that she is wasting time when you attempt to cut the plant after getting all the materials for the ritual. This route cannot be reached if Kat had already cut all the plants in all three rooms before Juli, Saki, and Kaya are with her.

Kat must cut all the plants in the three rooms, when Juli, Saki and Kaya are with her. The three will continue to speak to Kat and insists that she stops cutting the plants, however Kat continues to do so.

The three will be angered by her cutting the plants and will leave, remarking to never speak with them again. If the two plants in the other two rooms were cut beforehand and Kat cut the last plant alive, Juli, Saki and Kaya will be angered and it will result in the same outcome.

Kat will feel bad and will return home as well, remarking that next time she hopes to not run into anyone. It is not mentioned however this also implies that Kat would not be able to do the ritual as her notes would disappear without a trace.

Dead End K7 - Girls' Night Out[]

The four girls must trace the chalk in the rooms and then read the extended rules for the ritual in the occult club. Before entering the west hallway room, they have the optional choice to try to exit the school building but they will fail as they realize that the hallways are connected and are preventing them from escaping. After that, they must pick the door in the west hallway and unlock it with Kat's lock pick.

The four girls enter the room, which will be a supply room. Inside a locker, they will find a lawsuit against the school about the disappearance of a girl and inside the boxes are the lost and found items of Kaya and Kat. After that, they must proceed in the next room, with Kat noticing that its existence doesn't make sense as the school shape doesn't include it. The four will proceed thinking that the ritual is working despite being incomplete, and will end up in a large hallway. Suddenly, a figure will appear, telling the girls to turn back. While Juli, Saki and Kaya agree, Kat will be more stubborn, wishing to find answers for a problem of hers, but the figure will convince her to go back and give up on the ritual for that night, telling her that she will lose everything and the answers she'll find won't satisfy her, the figure warns them that continuing to do this will lead them to their deaths. The three girls insist Kat to listen to the mysterious figure's words and Kat complies much to her dismay.

Out of the school, Kaya will point out that Kat seems down and the three will invite her to go karaoke with them. Kat agrees, believing that perhaps things are better this way.

Dead End K8 - My Way[]

When Kat is trapped in the enclosed room, the player must select 'Be strong' and not 'Please, let me out'.

Kat will not beg the voice to let her out, but will lose her sanity, stating that she won't play their game and will bore them to death. The voice will be resentful, telling her to have it her way and abandons her, before falling silent. Kat will be left there, staying silent despite wanting to scream for help, hoping that someone will eventually find her.