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This page Purgatory contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Content Warnings: Bloody violence and gore

Purgatory (奈落 Naraku) is a horror RPG maker game created by Nama.


In this game, you are playing as Enri. As you're falling in a place covered in blood and bodies everywhere, it seems like your goal is getting her out of there.


Enri Louvre[]

The mute 16-year-old daughter of House Louvre. Shy and unable to approach people to make friends, her only friend is the manipulative Emma, who drags her to the Purgatory building. She winds up falling in and wakes up in the bottom of the building, and must climb back up.

Emma S. White[]

Daughter of House White and Enri's best and only friend. She is a manipulative girl who uses Enri to get whatever she wants, and is two-faced, being sweet when she can use someone and mean when they piss her off. She is the one who came up with the idea to visit the Purgatory building, and roped Oliver and Lukas into it.

Oliver Lobelia[]

A friend of Emma and the only one to object to her stringing Enri along. When Lukas is killed by the Butcher, he pushes Enri inside the building, making her fall to the bottom, to protect her from the Butcher. He is then "killed" himself and "his" corpse falls to the same room Enri does.

Lukas Purple[]

The spoiled loser son of the Earl of House Purple. A friend of Emma and the one who brought the Purgatory building into a conversation he had. Quite passive and fearful, he goes along with whatever Emma wants. He gets killed by the Butcher.


Bad Ending[]

Bad end-0.png

If Enri doesn't look for the Demonic Axe, and if she doesn't pass through the spider's challenge just before taking the elevator which will lead her to the exit, she'll meet the Butcher in front of the building and will have no escape but being killed.

Demonic End[]

Demonic enri.png

If Enri does go for the Demonic Axe and completed the Spider's Level where she'll have to break the Demonic Axe, it will reappear from itself in the final elevator before the exit. She'll be transcended into Demonic Enri and when the Butcher will try to trap her in front of the Purgatory, she'll use her powers to reverse their position and kill him.

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