FANDOM was one of the first RMXP sites to take form by Lord_Gradient. Nearly a couple months after it was created, making use of a popular keyword "RMXP", they quickly gained 4,000 members in less than 2 months. After an entire year of being the most populated RPG Maker forum on the net, remained an empty site loved for the quick population of members, scripts, and resources that were forum submitted. quickly surpassed within a year and a half which during the time the webmaster had completely vanished from the community.

During the 'missing' saga of the Admin, Mimesong (Erk), took control over the community and made the responsible decision to take over and change it over to Though it was very dutiful, it shortly led to the 'l4m3' saga of (org). fell into a chaos of hackers, while the inexperience webmaster (Erk) moved the membership to There, warnings for discussing illegal versions of RMXP led to many members getting in trouble. During this time, one member successfully hacked the's vBulletin forums and removed most of the post data.

During the 'l4m3' saga, some members and one mod (RPG Advocate) left to community, although most have since returned. The community has since stabilised, built a site, and grown substantially from its chaotic roots. It is very well known for its RGSS scripts and for being the home to sprite artists Tana and Showkaizer.

Today is an established community with many members. It has the highest traffic statistics and membership of any RMXP-only site.

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